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Stan Sobczak – Stanatron

Stan Sobczak - Stanatron

Message from Stan: I don't like the sound of voices - either singing or talking on telephones. I wish there was a way to remove vocals from records. They must have a computer program that can do this. Stuff like 'Revolver' or 'Around The World In A Day' would be so much better without all the talking, which is what most singing is: talking. The instrumentals on this LP represent what I think the soundtrack of my day would be. Most of the songs are meant to evoke the downstairs part of the house, where I spend a lot of time; but a few are for the upstairs; at least two are for work. Ten tracks in all, you can download the song Stan Flounders, watch the video for Stan's New Moog, and pick up a cd at the label website.
Suicide Bill and the Liquors - Suicide Comes Alive

Want to know what 2 or 3 drunk folks usually endure at a Suicide Bill show? Want to know why the hell Bill won a singer/songwriter award in the Providence Phoenix? "Suicide Comes Alive!" answers all the big questions and raises a few new ones. Eleven new live and semi-alive songs featuring Bill and his guitar with backup shouts and percussion from The Liquors make up their 5th record. Bill's brand of loud-acoustic/alt. rock has never been stronger than it is here. Three of the songs also feature great guitar and harmony-vocal work from the most elusive member of the Liquors, Ray Pruitt. Once again, Suicide and company make a record that sounds good cranked up in your car while you deliver stuff--probably pizza or newspapers. Eleven tracks in all, You can download the track Bill's Alternative Country and pick up a copy of the cd at the label webpage. Have fun on your route.

Steve Agee Uhhh podcast

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Steve Agee's Uhhh podcast

During it's first run, this was arguably one of the worst prepared, worst organized podcasts to ever get past ten episodes. Steve Agee's Uhhhh podcast had no agenda and very few surprises. It's pretty common now to hear the hosts of podcasts threatening to stop the show because it's going to poorly, but how many have actually done it? Agee has multiple times and check out the first ten episodes from his original show for proof. (Also, find the episode where he tells the story of Liv Tyler begging him to go to a party with her when he just wants to lay on a futon.) So why was it one of my favorite podcasts? Because Agee is an underdog. He also reminds me of someone I grew up with who is now in jail. He's been dumped on x-mas, played a gay man on The Sarah Silverman Show, and is 6'6" in real life. His back story, originally moving to LA to be a musician before switching to comedy and having his acting dreams temporarily halted by some vengeful improv classmates, instantly makes you root for him. Agee is a one of us. He is obsessed with DeGrassi High, the original long-running Canadian teen soap opera, dedicating at least two full episodes to in depth interviews with original cast members. He also has some surprisingly sprite bass playing skills and the most bizarre of Hollywood buds - Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis, for example. After going just over a year without a new episode, Agee's 'Uhhh' has returned with new episodes in August, featuring an interview with actress and musician Juliette Lewis. Agee is proof that having a podcast should be as easy as turning on a microphone and speaking about your life for a little bit. If it's interesting, talk a lot. If you don't have much going on, cut it short. Hopefully, the guys at Feral Audio can keep him motivated and on a regular schedule of recording.
Updated: Every week
Running Time: 100 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: @SteveAgee
This is part of the Feral Audio podcast network.

Sweet Love - Motor

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Sweet Love - Motor

Pouring out both melodic and atmospheric guitar riffs over driving bass and tight drum work, Sweet Love is fuzz-rock that will put you on a bus back to the days of grunge and beyond. The band's debut album "Motor" is a tightly packed 35 minutes of heavy rock and roll with soulful lyrics culminating in head-banging hits. This is limited to 125 silkscreened copies. Digital downloads and streaming are available here and the compact disc is available at the label webpage.

Sklarbro Country podcast

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Sklar Brothers - Sklarbro Country podcast

The Sklar twins, Randy and Jason, should be well known to sports fans due to their long lost classic ESPN's Cheap Seats and their latest show 'United Stats of America' . Their sports comedy podcast is like no other, as they concentrate on criminal acts and cheating by athletes from all over the world (find the "poop glove" episode for proof). Every show ends with a fake guest segment thanks to their friends in the comedy world with amazing voice impersonation skills. It might be Bruce Jenner calling from under his house hiding from his wife or Tim Gunn talking about his love for MMA fighting. They also have a healthy fixation on indie rock and play parts of songs as they come and go out of each segment - there's also the chance of an in-studio performance.

Updated: About three times per month
Running Time: 90 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: @SklarBrothers
Part of the Earwolf network
Taking the holiday off from posting any music links this week. In addition to all the music we listen to, we get to hear so many different podcasts that we have decided to review a dozen free podcasts we listen to regularly. Bill Burr will be the first one up on Monday.

Soul-Junk - 1961

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Soul Junk - 1961

Soul-Junk has a new full length album, "1961", available for digital download. Their immense discography started out with rock, went into bizarro hip hop for a few albums, before returning to their rock band-based roots. No matter the genre or approach, one thing remains constant and that is their praise of Jesus Christ, Son of God. I have always considered the religious part of their music to just be one more unique characteristic about the band, and have never let it distract me from the music itself, which is truly original. Known for frequently rotating members of the band, this album has Glen Galaxy backed by members of his actual family, now including his twelve year old son Jude on drums and five year old singer/percussionist daughter Mila. The entire album is streaming and available for purchase at their bandcamp page.

Six Star General - Splinter

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Six Star General - Splinter

(From Providence Phoenix March 2012): Their eighth studio effort, Splinter, finds guitarist Kyle Jackson, drummer Dan Ulmschneider, and bassist/vocalist Mark MacDougall peaking hard through concise and potent bursts of stoner sludge. Alt-rock fossils still hooked on vintage Dinosaur Jr., Silkworm, and Archers of Loaf should dig deep into their back catalog. Splinter was recorded in five sessions over two months, a marathon by SSG standards. Credit producer and local veteran musician Kraig Jordan (also of the Masons), who's Plan of a Boy studio has become the go-to recording spot for SSG. Layers of Kyle Jackson's guitar work resonate across Splinter on cuts "Curved Nerves" and "Triple EEE", and if you listen closely, you'll hear Jordan yelling through a bullhorn with swirling echoes. 75orLess brethren Mark Cutler, Bill Keough (Galvanize), and Joe Traynor (Vertical Twin) conjure a garage rock choir on a few tracks, including the opener "Ungroovy Feeling," and the band reworked two cuts from the previous EP. Nine tracks in all, you can download the track Curved Nerves, and buy a copy of the cd at the label webpage.
The Sentimental Favorites - The Unrelenting Sentimental Favorites

The Sentimental Favorites are a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is Providence RI duo of seasoned entertainers. On The Unrelenting Sentimental Favorites, their sophomore effort five years in the making, they have plenty to say and do so in 31 songs about work, life, growing old, death, family, what's wrong with the world today and how that cigarette makes you look fat. It's almost like a billboard for Medicare Florida would put up. The first 25 copies include a poster with lyrics. Digital downloads are available here, you can download the track Litterbugs, watch a video for the track Hey Sonny, and purchase a copy of the cd at the label website.

Soma Nova - Self Titled

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Soma Nova - Self Titled

Soma Nova's self titled debut is now released. It was recorded and mixed at Summing Point, Newport, RI, in the second half of 2011. This collection of songs infuses psych-pop and folk rock, a cure-all remedy for whatever befalls you. Being compared to Bob Dylan's Infidels is definitely a jump start in the right direction for Soma Nova's debut. Nine tracks in all, you can download the track All This Time, and pick up a copy for only $9.00 at the label webpage.

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