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MW Ensemble - 6 songs

75OL-132 MW Ensemble - 6 songs CD

MW Ensemble is Nancy Wheeler and Mike Winters, who make piano/cello music that is sometimes integrated with field recordings and/or electronic sounds. Songs are predetermined, but can also be improvised at times. Limited to 50 silkscreen copies on numbered brown and white jackets. You can purchase a copy over at the label webpage.

Mission of Burma - Unsound

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Mission of Burma - Unsound (Fire Records)

After 33 years, any band could be forgiven for easing up a little, but Mission of Burma refuses to take that ticket. Their vital skronk remains potent as ever, and they've added new elements with moments of horns, some almost-funky wah spaz-outs, and some new aggressive fuzz on Roger Miller's guitar. But frankly, that's all icing. If you don't know how good MoB is by now, you just don't deserve this album.
The Masons - Warm Days Long Shadows

It was 2007 when we last heard from The Masons. In the 5 years that have followed The Masons have sharpened, honed and refined their signature sound. They ask each song what it wants, and then give each song what it needs. The results of "The Masons' Method" is Warm Days Long Shadows. 22 songs over 2 CDs, the new double album is permeated with songs about life in the 21st Century. Warm Days features The Masons' rock 'n roll credentials with big guitars, pulsing drums and anthemic choruses. Long Shadows delves deeply into keyboard laden atmospheres, slow tempos, softly strummed acoustic guitars, and majestic vocals. Warm Days Long Shadows is the perfect soundtrack for a summer's night, a winter's day or any weather pattern. You can download the track 'Get Up', watch a video of the song 'The Only Way', and purchase a copy of the cd at the label webpage.

Minky Starshine - Womanity

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Minky Starshine - Womanity

Sonically grander than previous Minky Starshine records, 2012's "Womanity" is tightly arranged and produced, delivering bursts of warmth and color from start to finish. The songs continue to feel like memories from our past, but are fashioned to recall the most notable melody makers in todays hip indie culture. This is the birth of a new beat. Drawing upon the classic powerpop running through their blood, Minky and his camp of lovelorn bandits have pulled out all the stops this third time around. The newest addition of drummer John Sands (Aimee Mann, Liz Phair) and Tracy Bonham (vocals/violin) combined with a soundscape of horns, synths and other oddball blips and bleeps, often brings to mind the creative genius of a mad-scientist ringside at the circus. But, how can a cosmopolitan brand of indie rock still be strut worthy while offering listeners such hope and emotional sentiment? This record answers that question while turning new wave aesthetics into old wave media. Oh, the womanity of it all...Produced by Anthony Resta (Duran Duran) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Rihanna, Lady Gaga) at various locations along the east coast. Eleven tracks in all, you can download the tracks Hard Times and Laughing Gas, and watch a video of the track Cinematic Mojo. Digital downloads are available here and you can purchase at the label website.
Matador's Singles Going Home Alone Subscription Series

Matador has decided to join the limited edition seven inch singles club for 2012 with what they are calling "Singles Going Home Alone Subscription Series", a series of six singles by such bands as The Men, OBN IIIs, a split between Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and L.A. Guns (!) covering each other's songs, and three bands to be named later. Other fun gifts include a tote bag, 10% off their online store for the entire year and some other secret items. The words "limited edition" and "Matador" rarely if ever, are used together, so you can expect the Malkmus single to be fetching big bucks on ebay for the duration of 2012, before being promptly reissued digitally in 2013. Reasonably priced, record collectors should grab this hoping the three unnamed bands are from the classic roster and not the black wearing, synth playing euro-duo's dominating their string of new signings. Read more about it here.
MW Ensemble's 'Songs for Cello, Piano, and a Train' is now released. MW Ensemble is a New York based musical project comprised of Nancy Wheeler and Mike Winters. In 2008 they released their first EP entitled 'Apartment or Nepal'. In 2010 and 2011 MW Ensemble released two singles: 'Complementation and shifts by 16/15'and 'Op. 2'. Both singles include 4-track recorded solo piano compositions which can be described as repetitive parts with atonal pieces. The fall of 2011 brings the release of 'Songs for Cello, Piano, and a Train', an EP that will be available on 8" record, cd, and digitally. Limited to 50 silk screened copies, you can download the track 'II, for cello and piano', and pick up a copy at the label webpage. Also, the 8 inch vinyl is available directly from the Ionik Records website.

Mike Mountain - Hiding In The Rock

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Mike Mountain's 'Hiding in the Rock' is now released. With irreal lyrics serving as the lighthouse and a pulsating three-piece providing the current, Mike Mountain charts a course that musically sticks in your craw and once hooked refuses to lighten the slack. Unafraid to stray into the abyss, the crew floats along with a deceptive calm; like the harbor before the mania of an oncoming deluge that threatens the dirty seaport. All and all, the catch is quite tasty, but like any delicacy, the sound is destined for those with a particular palate. They understand the value of salt in an earth increasingly musically bland. They're convinced the feast will leave you hungering for more. Six tracks, you can download the track Two Little Bossmen, and pick up a copy at the label webpage.
The Marshmallow Ghosts - Self Titled

Graveface has gone all out for the self titled debut full-length by The Marshmallow Ghosts. The CD version is actually a DualDisc, and is in a DVD-sized package with a 24 page booklet. One side is the CD, the other the DVD of their horror film 'Corpse Reviver No. 2'. The vinyl has orange, purple and white mixed colors and a clear stenciled jacket. The music sounds similar to the 'Embryonic' album by The Flaming Lips, lots of keyboards, spooky sounds, and experimentation, most hitting the nail directly on the head. You can listen to a sampler from the album, or check out the video for The Hearst Song, or watch the 97 minute version of Corpse Reviver No 2. All physical orders receive an 11x17 poster (a digital download is also available, minus the fun), and you can purchase this all directly from Graveface.

Marmoset - 4XLP Box Set

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Marmoset - 4XLP Box Set (Joyful Noise)

Today, Joyful Noise releases the Marmoset 4XLP box set, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their second album "Record In Red". This box contains all four of their albums on vinyl, two of them for the first time. Also comes with instant downloads of each album, along with an additional download of 24 bonus tracks. This is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, packaged in screen-printed wooden boxes and also a 40 page mini-booklet.You can dowload the tracks Peace in the Valley, Winter, Missing Man, Peach Cobbler and order your copy here.

On June 24th & 25th, over 30 bands from Southeastern New England, including 75orLess performers Mark Cutler, The Propellers, Suicide Bill Cole, David Tessier, The Blood Moons, Sweet Love, and The Blood Moons will appear at the New Music Festival. Others appearing are Fall and Bounce, The Throttles, Anne's Cordial, Allysen Callery, The Pomp, Steve Allain, Kim Lamothe, Jenny White, Chris Moon, Tony Jones & the Cretin 3, Fried Miracle, The Benedictions, Kristi Martel, The Headcutters, Lee McAdams & The Cosmic Factory, Emma Joy, Red Eye Flight, Will Houlihan, Matt Fraza and more. Starts 6pm Friday and 11am on Saturday.

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