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Crotchthrottle - Fictional Syntax CD

Has it really been two years since the last full-length release from this fever dream of a band? That's what the calendar tells us, but we haven't really been sure of anything since the last dose of quinine. Following in the footsteps of Everything Odder Than Everything Else, Fictional Syntax finds Crotchthrottle sinking even further into the morass that is "structured" music, embracing things like melody, rhythm, and occasionally even intelligible vocals. They still remain totally obtuse on the genre front, swerving from quasi-electronic shenanigans to fuzzy freakouts, sometimes within the same song. When asked "What the hell were you thinking?" by management, the band refused to elaborate in any legally binding format. 16 tracks. Digital download of the album is available here or you can pick up a copy of the CD at the label webpage. The first 25 copies sold will get a special gift, hand packaged by the band!

Baby Oil - Cobra Slap

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Baby Oil - Cobra Slap

Baby Oil is an intergalactic explosion of queer sex and sequins that will transport you to the days of French-rolled acid washed denim and Aqua Net. Baby Oil performs all original Disco, New Wave dance music, bringing Blue humor to the dance floor with influences such as Erasure, Giorgio Moroder, Yaz, and a silver spoonful of Freddie Mercury's theatrics. Baby Oil will shock you, get you laughing and makde you shake your platypus at us. Baby Oil are Peter Deffet, Michael Watson, and Nancy Hoffman. Featuring background vocals from The Slicks; Lori-Ellen Sherman and Daniel Arico. Seven tracks, you can stream the entire thing at the Reverbnation website, digital downloads are available here, or pick up a copy of the cd over at the label webpage.

Mark Cutler Kickstarter Project

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Mark Cutler has a Kickstarter to fund his next record to be released on 75orLess. The bulk of recording will be done at Satellite Studios in East Greenwich, RI with Emerson Torrey at the recording console. The recording sessions started last week and band members include Jim Berger on Bass, Rick Couto on Drums, Bob Kirkman on Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin, & Dicky Reed on Keyboards. Rewards include signed items and live performances. Check out the video explaining the project and contribute to the funding here.

Rob Crow - He Thinks He's People

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Rob Crow - He Thinks He's People (Temporary Residence Limited)

Rob Crow of Pinback has a new solo record called 'He Thinks He's People' on Temporary Residence Limited. His solo stuff makes it easy to see who brings what to the Pinback palatte. there's the angular guitars, the double tracked vocals, the pop hooks. If a Pinback fan stumbles into a room while this is playing, they are going to ask which Pinback album it's from. You can download the track Sophistructure. The record comes with an mp3 download, and is only $10 plus shipping. As a bonus, the first 200 copies come in black and white half and half vinyl. You can order it from the Temporary Residence website.

Calexico Releases Vinyl Box Set

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Calexico's Road Atlas (1998-2011) Vinyl Box Set

Calexico's Road Atlas (1998-2011) Vinyl Box Set is being released by City Slang on November 21. Limited to 1,100 copies, this box set compiles the long out of print tour-only cds that the band sold from 1998-2010 onto 4 LP's and 4 double LP's. The box comes wrapped in blue linen and silk screened with silver ink, while the eight albums have printed album jackets and inner sleeves, a 40 page book, and mp3 downloads for all 12 records with bonus tracks. The cost is $130 plus shipping and preorders will ship the week of November 21, 2011. You can order it here.
Crotchthrottle - Everything Odder Than Everything Else

Crotchthrottle's - Everything Odder Than Everything Else is now released on 75orLess Records. According to reports from the field, members of Crotchthrottle locked themselves in a bunker for five months to rehearse before recording their latest psych noise rock quasi-instrumental release, Everything Odder Than Everything Else. While no-one can be sure what happened in there, their supplies are rumored to have included seven crates of old issues of Creem and Reflex magazines, the collected writings of Lester Bangs and Richard Meltzer, five Kraftwerk albums, fifty cases of pasta sauce, and ten pounds of dill pickles. As usual, no band members could be reached for comment. 14 tracks, you can watch the videos for the songs Gong Market and Wizards can Wait and download the track (Some Kind of) European Magic. The label is limited to 25 copies and all come with a 9.5" x 9.5" poster. You can order at the label website.

Cave - Neverendless

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Cave - Neverendless (Drag City)

Deliberately repetitive Chicago space rock, averaging over 8 minutes per song, sounding at times like Trans Am and Stereo Lab, complete with a couple of gonzo 'Baba O'Riley'-like freak-outs. Better yet, massive psych jams that are more aggressive than Spacemen 3, but less guitar driven than Wooden Shjips, also recalling Tortoise on 'On The Rise,' where amazing guitar and keyboard solos are traded and rotated, processed vocal chants are layered, and wah pedals are worshiped. Check out the tour dates or their myspace (!) page.

Cheap Red - Mini

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Cheap Red - Mini

November produced a new release from Cheap Red called 'Mini'. The former members of Boyracer are back playing compact pop blasts of catchy indie rock. At the 75orLess house, we've listened to their cover of Squeeze's 'Goodbye Girl' about 1,000 times in the past month (and their version of Judas Priest 'Breaking the Law' is no slouch either). You can stream or purchase 'mini' at the Who Hell Records bandcamp page.

Comic Wow

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Comic Wow - Music For Mysteries Of Mind Space And Time

There were two great EP's released by Feathers back in 2005-06, so it was exciting to receive the new full length from their Clark Kent-ish project Comic Wow, which features the band along with John McEntire and a few other friends. "Music For Mysteries Of Mind Space And Time" was released by Asthmatic Kitty as part of their Library Catalog Music Series back on October 26. Light and airy with moments of (old) new wave and a hint of lounge minus the kitsch. In other words, this sounds like members of Tortoise jamming with members of Feathers. It's streaming on the label website, where you can also purchase it on cd or vinyl. Also, snoop around here to find some cool free downloads.

Crooked Fingers - Reservoir Songs II

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Crooked Fingers - Reservoir Songs II (Foreign Leisure) [upcoming shows] [audio]

The six songs that comprise Reservoir Songs II are considerably less familiar than those that appeared on the original Reservoir Songs ep a few years ago, and that's refreshing in a way. Eric Bachmann's voice continues to change over time, and here he takes on a slight southern twang (perfect, as it turns out, for things like Merle Haggard's "Shelly's Winter Love"). It's a much more low-key affair than its sister ep, but just as impactful.

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