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The Atomic Buddha - Blottered CD

The Atomic Buddha's "Blottered" is a 10 track collection of pounding garage rock. Each of these songs is an unapologetic mash of raucous guitars, bass, drums and vocals careening from hallucinogenic depths to the sharp ends of accusation. Along the way are some raw psychedelic blasts (I'm So High, Fading Fast) and some pile driving rock with the energy of The Who (Ginger Baker's Nightmare, You're Not In Reach). It all ends with "The Atomic Buddha" an 11 minute guitar freak out-not for the timid! All copies bought through the label webpage will ship with a link for a digital download of nine demo songs from the sessions. Digital download of the album is available here. CD contains two songs not included on the digital download and is available here.

75orLess Records is proud to announce the release of the DVD 'THE AMAZING VISUAL MUSICAL ADVENTURE', featuring 90 minutes of music videos by 24 label performers.
The DVD will be is limited to only 75 copies and includes a gallery of the entire archive of 75orLess Records album covers. Featuring music videos by: Baylies Band, Before The Masons, bitch brothers, The Blood Moons, Broadcaster, Crotchthrottle, David Tessier, Dennis Most and the Instigators, The Dial Mz, The Doll Eyes, Galvanize, Good Time Charlie, Hank Sinatra Jr, Hope Anchor, The Jesse Minute, Lloyd's Llamas, Mark Cutler, Minky Starshine, The Masons, The Propellers, The Sentimental Favorites, Six Star General, Stan, and Vertical Twin. You can purchase a copy at the label website.
Al Lover - Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock 'n Roll (Reflective Flesh)

If being hip enough to like anything with the word 'remixes' in the title is on your bucket list, here's your chance to cross that off and still maintain your rock cred. Removing most vocals and leaving only heavy riffs and primitive beats, Al Lover has created something very similar to Dub Narcotic Sound System or Jon Spencer's Xtra Acme Remixes or the Experimental Remixes EP. Amazing songs by Moonhearts, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Jeff the Brotherhood, Night Beats and others, 30 minutes in total. This is a completely free download.
A Spectacular Crap podcast #49 - 75orLess Records episode

The 'A Spectacular Crap ' podcast recently did a show dedicated to 75orLess Records acts. Great Rhode Island-related sound bites and music from Mustache Ride, The Jesse Minute, Eight Pictures, Coma Coma, Six Star General, Baylies Band, Frenzy of Tongs, Chris Evil and the Taints, Ming Toro, Guntaard, Killing Pablo. Listen to the show here.
The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You (Sony) [upcoming shows] [audio]

The deceptively poppy "Kick Drum Heart" is not representative of The Avett Brothers' I and Love and You. Look closer: you'll find some jangle and twang, genetically connected harmonies (they are brothers), and surprisingly rockin' bridges that take you on unexpected journeys. Lyrically, this album is the epitome of simple sincerity. From the vulnerable "January Wedding" to the self-aware "Ill With Want," I find new ways to fall in love with each listen.

Against Me! - White Crosses

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Against Me! - White Crosses (Sire) [upcoming shows] [audio]

This being 2010, saying anything about a band having sold out is a pretty hollow complaint. They all sold out years ago. White Crosses is about trying to get as much radio and Hype Machine buzz as possible and little else. That's why Against Me! sounds like The Killers now. Well, they sound like The Killers would sound if Brandon Flowers had cut his teeth on punk instead of new wave. "I Was a Teenage Anarchist" might be popular soon, so maybe it worked?
Artichoke - 26 Scientists Volume 2: Newton — Zeno (self released) [upcoming shows] [audio]

A concept record about 14 more scientists and each song title is a scientist's name along with the years they existed, contributions to the advancement of science, biological information, and other weird facts. As with all musical labors of love, despite the exhaustive effort it takes to make an album like this, it really means nothing if the end result is not worth hearing. This is quite the opposite; even if you didn't have the track listing, this is an album of quirky indie pop, similar to electropop-era Of Montreal.

Alkaline Trio - This Addiction

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Alkaline Trio - This Addiction (Epitaph) [upcoming shows] [audio]

Alkaline Trio sounds exactly like Alkaline Trio. It's like how Morrissey sounds like Morrissey, and as the years go by the sound changes very little as the lyrical themes remain a constant. This Addiction continues the band's fascination with love and death, using imagery befitting an angst-ridden goth's t-shirt or popular tweenie vampire movie. But as so many others have proven, trouble in love brings about a hearse-load of amazing melodic hooks. As on past releases, it's bassist Dan Andriano's songs that stand apart as the best.

Air - Love 2

Air - Love 2 (Astralwerks) [audio] [upcoming shows]

The sad, horrible truth is that Air peaked five years ago with Talkie Walkie. Everything since resembles the scattered and reverberating soundwaves from earlier albums that have gone out into space, bounced off Saturn's rings and come back to Earth completely watered down and played out. Love 2 is a constant 46 minutes of highly stylized mush. It sounds rich and romantic and dreamlike, all things which Air is known for. That's the extent of it, however. No one's gonna remember this album a year from now.

Among the Oak & Ash - S/T

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Among the Oak & Ash (Verve Forecast) [audio] [upcoming shows]

Josh Joplin and Garrison Starr have taken long-lost Appalachian folk songs and turned them into pop songs. Songs gathered from centuries ago, a somehow not-too-out-of-place Smiths cover, and a couple of originals make up this record which at its root is a simple collection of folk tunes. Only this folk is really catchy. This folk is ready to start a revolution at one moment, and sweet and tender the next. Just watch out—Garrison Starr has a voice that can break your heart if you let it.

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