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Iron and Wine, Unrest, Vic Chesnutt, Johnny Thunders, Swell Maps

NYC Taper has Iron and Wine 5-19-13
Shiny Grey Monotone has Unrest 2-19-93
Captains Dead has Vic Chesnutt 11-29-95
Nuzz Prowlin Wolf has Johnny Thunders 12-25-81
Medium Rotation has Swell Maps Peel Sessions 1978-80
The Soft Boys, Peeping Tom, The Specials, New York Dolls, Off!

Aquarium Drunkard has The Soft Boys 12-7-80
That's The Thing About That has Peeping Tom 4-18-07
Big O has The Specials 7-20-80
Noise Addiction has New York Dolls 12-31-73
Wild Devil Rules has Off! 1-17-13

Stan Sobczak – Stanatron

Stan Sobczak - Stanatron

Message from Stan: I don't like the sound of voices - either singing or talking on telephones. I wish there was a way to remove vocals from records. They must have a computer program that can do this. Stuff like 'Revolver' or 'Around The World In A Day' would be so much better without all the talking, which is what most singing is: talking. The instrumentals on this LP represent what I think the soundtrack of my day would be. Most of the songs are meant to evoke the downstairs part of the house, where I spend a lot of time; but a few are for the upstairs; at least two are for work. Ten tracks in all, you can download the song Stan Flounders, watch the video for Stan's New Moog, and pick up a cd at the label website.
That's Not Incredible! Podcast Quiz Show Episode

Welcome to the final episode of season one, featuring our first ever That's Not Incredible! Really Not Incredible Quiz Show Fiasco! (based on the Warren Times Police Report), guests for this very special episode include Jen Long, Rachel Rozencrantz Riemer, Emerson Torrey, Prescott Cronin, and Will Schaff. In addition to the quiz show, we play a round of What Gets Your Goat, we get a call-in from Brian Jablonski, listen to a breastfeeding PSA, and we learn to count up to "sleventy." Music for this episode includes a Stan Sobscak remix, the theme from the movie Fletch, and Scientist. 72 minutes long.

Left Click to Listen or Right Click and Select "Save Link As" to Download - That's Not Incredible!

Before we taped the show, guest Prescott Cronin performed a song live in-studio, a cover of Jason Molina's Long Desert Train. He was kind enough to offer it for free download.
Big Country, Ty Segall, Iron and Wine, The Wrens, Deerhunter

Great White Wonders has Big Country 8-26-86
NYC Taper has Ty Segall 2-1-13
The Steam Engine has Iron and Wine 5-13-09
Willfully Obscure has The Wrens 'Overnight Success' demos
Hiding Behind the Music has a Deerhunter radio session from 10-15-10
The Atomic Buddha - Blottered CD

The Atomic Buddha's "Blottered" is a 10 track collection of pounding garage rock. Each of these songs is an unapologetic mash of raucous guitars, bass, drums and vocals careening from hallucinogenic depths to the sharp ends of accusation. Along the way are some raw psychedelic blasts (I'm So High, Fading Fast) and some pile driving rock with the energy of The Who (Ginger Baker's Nightmare, You're Not In Reach). It all ends with "The Atomic Buddha" an 11 minute guitar freak out-not for the timid! All copies bought through the label webpage will ship with a link for a digital download of nine demo songs from the sessions. Digital download of the album is available here. CD contains two songs not included on the digital download and is available here.
Tortoise, The Heartbreakers, Primal Scream, Garage Swim Comp, Opal

Acid Punks has Tortoise 5-10-98
Noise Addiction has the Heartbreakers 6-27-79
Nuzz Prowlin Wolf has Primal Scream 2013 Live sessions
I am the Least Machiavellian has the Garage Swim Comp by Adult Swim
Digital Meltdown has Opal's Early Recordings
Crotchthrottle - Fictional Syntax CD

Has it really been two years since the last full-length release from this fever dream of a band? That's what the calendar tells us, but we haven't really been sure of anything since the last dose of quinine. Following in the footsteps of Everything Odder Than Everything Else, Fictional Syntax finds Crotchthrottle sinking even further into the morass that is "structured" music, embracing things like melody, rhythm, and occasionally even intelligible vocals. They still remain totally obtuse on the genre front, swerving from quasi-electronic shenanigans to fuzzy freakouts, sometimes within the same song. When asked "What the hell were you thinking?" by management, the band refused to elaborate in any legally binding format. 16 tracks. Digital download of the album is available here or you can pick up a copy of the CD at the label webpage. The first 25 copies sold will get a special gift, hand packaged by the band!
Bob Mould, Jeff Tweedy, Jason Molina, The Dirty Femmes, The English Beat

That's the Thing About That has Bob Mould 4-21-13
The Steam Engine has Jeff Tweedy 8-21-10
Southern Shelter has Jason Molina 12-5-06
The Flat Response has The Dirty Femmes 11-2-12
Great White Wonders has the English Beat 3-10-82
Haunt the House - Rural Introspection Study Group CD

Haunt the House is Will Houlihan. This album is a collection of songs that have been referred to as deep woods gospel and painfully delivered spirituals. Six tracks, the digital download of the album is available here or you can pick up a copy of the CD at the label webpage.

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