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On this week's episode of That's Not Incredible!, Haunt the House's Will Houlihan and his son Liam stop by to work out the contract terms for his upcoming album "Rural Introspection Study Group," with Liam acting as his agent. We read the Warren Times Police Report (with sound effects from Whiskey Jim) and we attempt a round of What Gets Your Goat. Emerson Torrey also stops by, Will plays two songs live in-studio, and you'll hear the worst answer ever when a six year old asks "What is a rumor?" 46 minutes long.

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Will has been nice enough to offer the two songs he performed as free mp3 downloads. You can download them here:

Moses (live at Fort Foreclosure)
Bright Star (live at Fort Foreclosure)
Guided by Voices, Johnny Thunders, Game Theory, The Carpenters, Alen Robin

Captains Dead has Guided by Voices Bughouse 1995-2003 comp
Nuzz Prowlin Wolf has Johnny Thunders 10-23-83
Wilfully Obscure has Game Theory 10-12-85
Big O has The Carpenters 11-16-76
Music for Maniacs has Alen Robin's 'Supershrink' album
On this week's episode of That's Not Incredible!, guest Eric Baylies stops by to talk about his new book "Heroin's Rainbow." We find out what's up with Baylies Band and Bad Motherfucker, our lack of tattoos, his memories of Lincoln Park, and read the Warren Times Police Report. We also discuss the legacy of The Strokes, try to remember who released an album called 'After the Flood,' and recommend our favorite music biographies, including Phil Spector and The Ramones. 62 minutes.

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Public Image Limited, Doug Sahm, Capitol City Dusters, Elvis Presley, The April Winchell Collection

Hiding Behind the Shed has Public Image Limited 10-22-12
Doom and Gloom From the Tomb has Doug Sahm 3-29-73
Acid Punks has Capitol City Dusters 1-24-97
Great White Wonders has Elvis Presley 8-1-76
April Winchell's massive oddball mp3 Collection is back online.
On this week's episode of That's Not Incredible!, fellow East Bayer Allysen Callery stops by Fort Foreclosure to chat and perform two songs. She talks about her days as a member of the leftist political groups 'Do Not Donut' and the equally innocuous sounding, 'Granola of the Month Club.' We play a round of What Gets My Goat, which triggers a minor flip-out from grizzled curmudgeon Whiskey Jim. Allysen also plays two songs and explains why no one on the show got to enjoy her delicious homemade brownies. 60 minutes long.

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Allysen has graciously allowed us to offer up the two songs from this episode as free downloadable mp3s.

Allysen Callery - Sakonnet (live at Fort Foreclosure)
Allysen Callery - Your Minnesota Sunrise (live at Fort Foreclosure)

Allysen Callery on facebook
Buzzcocks, Phosphorescent, Tom Waits, Meat Puppets, Flying Burrito Brothers

Wilfully Obscure has The Buzzcocks Drone Studio sessions 1991
Southern Shelter has Phosphorescent 12-4-04
Aquarium Drunkard has Tom Waits 7-26-79
NYC Taper has Meat Puppets 4-4-13
Big O has the Flying Burrito Brothers 6-27-29


This week's episode of THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE!, titled "FESTERBILT," was recorded live at Gibby's on Market St. We get a visit from JODIE TRELOAR and ERIC SAMPSON! We also read the WARREN TIMES POLICE REPORT, as well as "100 YEARS AGO IN WARREN". Jodie talks about her musical background, being in the musical Gypsy, and her upcoming projects, while Eric talks about his days in Mustache Ride, his current band Coma Coma, and his obsession with the band Festerbilt. Kyle Jackson creeps around for a bit, along with quick check-ins from Erica Smith, Dinner Q Dog, Slick the Dog, and Whiskey Jim. 47 minutes.

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The Feelies, Motorhead, The Replacements, Camper van Beethoven, Mudhoney

Doom and Gloom from the Tomb has the Feelies 9-23-88
That's the Thing About That has Motorhead 3-27-05
Great White Wonders has The Replacements 5-13-84
The Flat Response has Camper Van Beethoven 3-24-13
Hiding Behind the Shed has Mudhoney on KEXP 3-31-13
Heroin's Rainbow by Eric Baylies is a memoir of a neighborhood and a city. New Bedford, Massachusetts sits somewhere on the edge of nowhere, a twilight interzone at the end of the world. It is the underground history of the secret city. Big Dan's, strip club rampages, cruising the avenue, crooked cops, high school suicide solutions, drinking problems, crack houses, shooting galleries, gay bar stabbings, god, guns, heroin, devil dogs, angel dust, acid, mushrooms, mescaline, weed, whales, wishes, dreams, and nightmares come true, they are all here. This is the way, step inside.

You can pick up a copy of the book at the label website.
This week's episode of THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE! was recorded live at Circle Jacques and features JEFF THE POSTMAN, PRESCOTT CRONIN, and the editor of the Warren Times Police Report, TED HAYES. Things get very meta, as Ted reads the WARREN TIMES POLICE REPORT and we learn WHAT GETS THEIR GOAT. Also, Jeff the Postman debuts a new poem and discusses what has changed in his life since 'The Postman Speaks' was released. Prescott Cronin handles sound effects and there is a quick drop-by from a grumpy Will Schaff. 42 minutes.

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