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Wedding Present, Ten Years After, Slobberbone, Chelsea Light Moving, Nikki Sudden

Bradley's Almanac has the Wedding Present 4-28-05
Big O has Ten years After 3-21-70
Southern Shelter has Slobberbone 3-23-13
NYC Taper has Chelsea Light Moving 3-2-13
Nuzz Prowlin Wolf has Nikki Sudden 2-20-93
THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE! episode "NORWAY OR THE HIGHWAY" is now available for download. Recorded live at Dan's Wigwam, this week we welcome Portland, Maine printmaker Kris Johnsen, who talks about life in Portland and helps us with the Warren Times Police Report. We also attempt to listen to submissions from bands and sample some free soundboard apps, but our equipment has other plans. 50 minutes long.

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James Chance and the Distortions, Devo, Magnolia Electric Co, Cheetah Chrome, The Pogues

Down Underground has James Chance and the Distortions 5-13-80
Great White Wonders has Devo 5-13-80
Captains Dead has Magnolia Electric Co 5-17-09
Noise Addiction has Cheetah Chrome live in NYC 1982-85
Hiding Behind the Shed has The Pogues Peel sessions 1984

MW Ensemble - 6 songs

75OL-132 MW Ensemble - 6 songs CD

MW Ensemble is Nancy Wheeler and Mike Winters, who make piano/cello music that is sometimes integrated with field recordings and/or electronic sounds. Songs are predetermined, but can also be improvised at times. Limited to 50 silkscreen copies on numbered brown and white jackets. You can purchase a copy over at the label webpage.
THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE! episode "CHEESE AND APPLES WITH AMELIA AND PAM!" is now available for download. We pick up a cheese plate from The Cheese Plate, then head over to The Swank Dive to have an informal cheese tasting. We also struggle to remember how we all met and discuss if there are any differences between Shauggy, Saugies, and Soggy. 48 minutes.

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Chelsea Light Moving, Crayon, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Thermals, Dream Syndicate

Southern Shelter has Chelsea Light Moving 3-8-13
Bradley's Almanac has Crayon 7-2-94
Big O has Neil Young and Crazy Horse 3-10-13
NYC Taper has Thermals 3-9-13
Digger Under the Ashes has Dream Syndicate 7-5-86
THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE! episode "SONG SQUIRREL!" is now available for download. Recorded live in the parking lot of Little John's, this week's episode welcomes longtime 75orLess collaborator Jeremy Withers. He explains his early bands, how he ended up in Rhode Island, performing at Bot-con, the genesis of The Inclined and Crotchthrottle, and we trade old-timey Spin Doctors stories. 50 minutes long.

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Tame Impala, Broadcast, Ramones, Songs the Cramps Taught Us Comp, Slade

Hiding Behind the Shed has Tame Impala 12-12-12
Aquarium Drunkard has Broadcast's Black Session
Noise Addiction has Ramones 4-9-77
Twilight Zone has the compilation Songs the Cramps Taught Us Vol 1
Music Art VCL has Slade 12-16-81
75OL-163 Jeff the Postman - The Postman Speaks

Jeff the Postman, 'The Postman Speaks' is a collaboration between Prescott Cronin and poet Jeff the Postman. The words on this recording were written by Jeff the Postman. The entire process from inspiration, conception, practice, to production occurred in 02885, the smallest town, in the smallest county, in the smallest state in the U.S.A. Jeff the Postman offers his eternal thanks to all his neighbors who let him practice his delivery. This project was tracked entirely on an iPhone, using samples and live instruments, at 90 Union, except for "As a Guest," which was recorded in the elevator at Parker Mills in Warren, RI. 'The Postman Speaks' is an epic work that exemplifies what can be done these days with small equipment and conviction. 150 silkscreen copies on compact disc, you can purchase a copy at the label webpage.
This week's episode of the That's Not Incredible! podcast, entitled "ON GOLDEN FONZ," features guest MARK ROBERGE of the band SWEET LOVE. Recorded live at Supreme's Ice Cream on Child Street, you'll hear about his early bands and how he ended up in Sweet Love. Also, Mark explains 'clowning' and we have an extended discussion about the show Happy Days. 50 minutes long.

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The Kinks, Retribution Gospel Choir, Julian Cope, The Undertones, Fugazi

Big O has The Kinks 8-10-79
NYC Taper has Retribution Gospel Choir 2-12-13
Willfully Obscure has Julian Cope 1-21-87
Great White Wonders has The Undertones 3-15-80
Bradley's Almanac has Fugazi 4-9-95

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