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THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE! podcast episode "V-TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE" is now available for download. This episode also features Vertical Twin's Joe Traynor and it's nothing but the Warren Times Police Report. 13 minutes long.

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75orLess Favorites of 2012

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75orLess Top Ten podcasts of 2012

Professor Blastoff with Kyle Dunnigan, David Huntsberger, and Tig Notaro (Earwolf)
Hollywood Babble-on with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith (Smodcast)
You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes (Nerdist)
The Dana Gould Hour
Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast (All Things Comedy)
Ronna and Beverly (Earwolf)
Steve Agee Uhhh (Feral Audio)
Fitzdog Radio with Greg Fitzsimmons
Jonah Raydio with Jonah Ray (Nerdist)
New Year's Eve with Neil Hamburger (Feral Audio)

75orLess Top Music of 2012

Pedro The Lion - The Only Reason I Feel Secure (remaster)
Karl Hendricks Trio - The Adult Section (Comedy Minus One)
Crushed Out - 2012 Daytrotter Sessions
Various - Rated GG Tribute 7 inch (The Best Show)
The Mountain Goats - Transcendental Youth (Merge)
Micah Schnabel - I'm Dead, Serious (Suburban Home)
Damien Jurado - Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian)
The Men - Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
Codeine - When I See The Sun Box Set (Numero Group)


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THAT'S NOT INCREDIBLE! episode "ELECTROSONICMOTHERPHONIC" is now available for download. This episode features Vertical Twin's Jose Traynor, and we talk about their new album while packing up the cds into boxes. We also cover the infamous Warren Times Police report. 53 minutes long.

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Big Star, The Mau Mau's, Rocket From The Crypt, George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, Lords of The New Church

Aquarium Drunkard has Big Star 3-31-74
Noise Addiction has The Mau Mau's live 1983
Great White Wonders has Rocket From The Crypt 4-13-03
Big O has George Harrison and Ravi Shankar demos and outtakes
Nuzz Prowling Wolf has Lords of the New Church 8-24-86
Aztec Camera, The Saints, Will Johnson and Anders Parker, The Replacements, David Bazan

Willfully Obscure has an Aztec Camera rarities compilation
Striped Sunlight has The Saints 5-21-05
Southern Shelter has Will Johnson and Anders Parker 9-17-12
Great White Wonders has The Replacements 2-22-82
NYC Taper has David Bazan 11-15-12
Suicide Bill and the Liquors - Suicide Comes Alive

Want to know what 2 or 3 drunk folks usually endure at a Suicide Bill show? Want to know why the hell Bill won a singer/songwriter award in the Providence Phoenix? "Suicide Comes Alive!" answers all the big questions and raises a few new ones. Eleven new live and semi-alive songs featuring Bill and his guitar with backup shouts and percussion from The Liquors make up their 5th record. Bill's brand of loud-acoustic/alt. rock has never been stronger than it is here. Three of the songs also feature great guitar and harmony-vocal work from the most elusive member of the Liquors, Ray Pruitt. Once again, Suicide and company make a record that sounds good cranked up in your car while you deliver stuff--probably pizza or newspapers. Eleven tracks in all, You can download the track Bill's Alternative Country and pick up a copy of the cd at the label webpage. Have fun on your route.
Trans Am, Can, Tiny Tim, Blue Cheer, Death Grips

Acid Punks has Trans Am 4-19-97
Aquarium Drunkard has Can 5-17-75
Music For Maniacs has Tiny Tim live in his apartment 1976.
Big O has unreleased Blue Cheer demos
That's The Thing About That has Death Grips 11-23-12
Vertical Twin - 'ElectroSonicMotherphonic'

Vertical Twin's 'ElectroSonicMotherphonic' is now released. Vertical Twin blends sonic musk with filthy electronics into a sensual labyrinth, a fist of justice, a jamming inferno of glory with instant impact. Played loud, played proud -- it's an ElectroSonicMotherphonic. All basic tracks were recorded live in the band's practice shed. Vocal overdubs, Hammond organ, and some backwards guitar were added later. Melissa Kievman and 75orLess Chanteuse Jodi Treloar lent their voices to the project as well. Providence artist Ryan Lesser provided the cover image. The CD artwork is black & white. A pack of crayons will be provided for the listener to color in the cover themselves! Ten tracks, you can buy a copy of the cd at the label webpage or get the digital download at at their bandcamp page.

The Doll Eyes - The Great Runner Up

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The Doll Eyes - The Great Runner Up

The Doll Eyes are a RI and Massachusetts based punk and bar band influenced by The Pixies, The Dead Boys, Social Distortion, Rancid, etc. 'The Great Runner Up', The Doll Eyes' second album, sees a new dynamic within the band. Bass player Mike O'Shea steps up to share the songwriting and lead vocal mantle with guitarist Nate Shaw, both zooming in on the tales of flawed men and the world they inhabit. Guitar and lyric driven music with stark punk influence over the ever-steady drums of Gary Traylor, The Great Runner Up provides fist clenching, foot stomping rock and roll introspection. Eight tracks, you can pick up a copy of the cd at the label webpage or grab the digital download here.
Vertical Twin - 'ElectroSonicMotherphonic' Silkscreen Poster and Album Download Card

Vertical Twin's 'ElectroSonicMotherphonic' was released in December and a limited number of posters were printed to celebrate the release.
Providence artist Ryan Lesser drew the cover image. Fifty glow in the dark 19"x 25" hand silk screened 3 color posters, featuring the cover image, will be offered for sale and include a digital download code for the album. You can pick up a copy of the poster at the label webpage.

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