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Minor Threat, The Go-Go's, Purling Hiss, Karl Hendricks Trio, Maserati

Noise Addiction has Minor Threat 4-2-83
Great White Wonders has The Go-Go's 8-31-81
NYC Taper has Purling Hiss 11-3-12
The Free Music Archive has the Karl Hendricks Trio 11-10-12
Southern Shelter has Maserati 11-19-12
Galaxie 500, Gorilla Biscuits, Soft Machine, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Modern Lovers

Full of Wishes has Galaxie 500 11-15-89
Waves and Ramps has Gorilla Biscuits 1987 demo
Big O has Soft Machine 3-15-71
Acid Punks has Godspeed You Black Emporer Live 2000-03
Aquarium Drunkard has Modern Lovers live 1970-71

Joe Mecca's Big Mouth podcast

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Joe Mecca's Big Mouth podcast

If there's anyone in the Rhode Island area who should have a microphone in front of his face, it's Joe Mecca. As someone who had the pleasure of talking face to face with him for a decade, I have missed being exposed to his worldview for a couple of years now and couldn't be happier to listen to him expound on a variety of topics. So, what's this "pubcast" all about? It's Joe Mecca's opinion on the role of government, politics at the national and state level, how Joe would solve the problems we face, how to cook a giant pig, which certain words that make the co-host most uncomfortable, and sports. Co-host and producer RSB wryly brings out the best in Joe Mecca, allowing enough sidetracks to keep things breezy, but always steering Joe back to the original topic. Recorded very matter of factly by placing a microphone on a table between them at the Wild Colonial Tavern, be prepared for the clanking of beer mugs and passersby stopping at the table to say hello. You can also expect the conversation to end at any time after twenty minutes, replaced with searing death metal from Providence band White Mice to scare the shit out of your comfortable listening experience and bring the show to a close.
Updated: Every two weeks
Running Time: 25-40 minutes
Guests: No
Twitter: @MeccasbigMouth, @RSBinPVD
Joe Mecca's Big Mouth on Facebook

The Kinks, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Dogmatics, Thee Oh Sees, The Vibrators

Great White Wonders has The Kinks 12-31-80
The Free Mumsic Archive has The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Live on WFMU 10-27-12
Noise Addiction has The Dogmatics on WERS 1984-85
NYC Taper has Thee Oh Sees 9-24-12
Nuzz Prowling Wolf has The Vibrators October 1977
75OL-156 15er - Out of the Future and Into the Woods

Six Star General guitarist Kyle Jackson crashes through the stratosphere and lands in deep spacetronic on his second solo release under the moniker '15er'. Let "Out of the Future and Into the Woods" be the soundtrack to the Sci-Fi film that's always lived in your head... this is music to make movies to. Featuring appearances by Jodie Treloar and Stan Sobczak. Recommended if you like: M83, Daft Punk, Tangerine Dream, and radical soundtracks. Nine tracks, you can download the track SN2087A for free, and pick up a cd at the label webpage, or get a digital download at the bandcamp page.
Vic Chesnutt, Meat Puppets, Archers of Loaf, Low, Mark Lanegan Band

Captains Dead has Vic Chesnutt 12-5-09
Acid Punks has Meat Puppets 11-20-09
Shiny Grey Monotone has Archers of Loaf 1-15-11
Big O has Low on KEXP 9-3-12
Music Art VCL has Mark Lanegan Band 2-29-12
Maserati, Ty Segall, Echo and the Bunnymen, Dead Kennedys, Unbunny

Southern Shelter has Maserati 10-27-12
NYC Taper has Ty Segall 10-24-12
Great White Wonders has Echo and the Bunnymen 3-20-84
Noise Addiction has Dead Kennedys 2-9-80
Garage Abandon has an Unbunny Lounge concert from 2010

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