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Dianogah, Jah Wobble, Cheap Trick, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Micachu and the Shapes

Acid Punks has Dianogah 7-10-97
MUsic Ruined My Life has Jah Wobble Live 1981-83
Voodooo Wagon has Cheap Trick 6-20-78
Aquarium Drunkard has Neil Young and Crazy Horse 3-8-76
Hiding Behind the Shed has Micachu and the Shapes 10-17-12
Eric Ott and Nate Laban - Love Songs And Isolation

Nate Laban is a songwriter born and raised in New Hampshire that has been writing, recording and performing for the last 20 years up and down the east coast of the U.S. Bands he has been in include, Brick House, The Frosting and skate punk band Wallos. Eric Ott has been playing in and around the New Hampshire region for 20 plus years. Bands he has been involved with include The Bonnie Situation, Mercuryhat and his latest, Eric and The Anxiety. This brand new collaborative EP has a good deal of 60's pop rock influence. Themes range from soul suckers, failed one-sided relationships, lip balm, fresh new marriages to of course, isolation. Six tracks in all, you can download the track Balm, and pick up a copy of the cd at and label webpage.
Mountain Goats, Velvet Underground, Dio, Undertones, The Smiths

NYC Taper has Mountain Goats 10-13-12
Doom mand Gloom Fron the Tomb has the Velvet Underground 10-19-69
Voodoo Wagon has Dio 11-21-97
Noise Addiction has the Undertones 9-4-83
Great White Wonders has The Smiths 8-26-86
Rodan, Shonen Knife, The Feelies, Drag the River, Bevis Frond

Shiny Grey Monotone has Rodan's Aviary demos
Hiding Behind the Shed has Shonen Knife 10-2-12
Aquarium Drunkard has The Feelies 12-14-77
That's The Thing About That has Drag The River's Live Archive Vol. 1
Garage Abandon has Bevis Frond 11-16-91
Squirrel Bait, Kansas, Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets, Wooden Wand

Willfully Obscure has demos from Squirrel Bait
Big O has Kansas 4-7-78
Southern Shelter has Dinosaur Jr 10-2-12
Acid Punks has Meat Puppets 10-18-07
NYC Taper has Wooden Wand 9-7-12

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