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Rocket From The Tombs, Television, Fire Party, The Adverts, Uncle Tupelo

Great White Wonders has Rocket From The Tombs 12-1-03
Aquarium Drunkard has Television Live 1977
Noise Addiction has Fire Party's 1987 demos.
Music Ruined My Life has The Adverts 6-26-77
Sweet Blahg has Uncle Tupelo's last show 5-1-94

How Did This Get Made? Podcast

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How Did This Get Made? podcast

Hosts Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, June Diane Raphael and comedy guests watch a film and then rip it apart. Personal favorite episodes so far featured Vanilla Ice's 'Cold As Ice' with the one and only Vanilla Ice in-studio, while other standout episodes feature Danny Trejo, 'Weird' Al Yankovic, and the Superman III episode. Mostly in-studio shows with occasional live shows, How Did This Get Made? is funny and entertaining even if you haven't ever seen the film.
Updated: weekly
Running Time: 60 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: Jason Mantzoukas
Twitter: June Diane Raphael
Twitter: Paul Scheer
This is part of the Nerdist network
Elvis Costello, Melvins Lite, Drivin n Cryin, Six Organs of Admittance, Animal Collective

Big O has Elvis Costello 7-31-11
That's The Thing About That has Melvins Lite 9-11-12
Southern Shelter has Drivin' n' Cryin' 9-14-12
NYC taper has Six Organs of Admittance 9-6-12
Hiding Behind the Shed has Animal Collective 5-9-12
Pete Holmes - You Made It Weird podcast

Best known as the voice of the precocious E-Trade Baby from those beloved commercials, Holmes is also the owner of the most infectious laugh in podcasting. Matter-of-factly divorced and wide open for any conversation no matter how heartbreaking or absurd, Holmes is a true weirdo, regularly expressing wonderment and joy as he interviews his guests. Episodes usually run over ninety minutes. Be prepared to stick around until he begs his guest to keep it crispy.
Updated: Twice a week
Running Time: 100 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: @peteholmez
This is part of the Nerdist network
Los Lobos, Morrissey, Divine Horsemen, Mark Lanegan Band, Hawkwind

NYC Taper has Los Lobos 7-11-12
Great White Wonders has Morrissey 11-4-04
Noise Addiction has Divine Horsemen 1-9-85
Music Art VCL has the Mark Lanegan Band 3-2-12
Resin Hits has Hawkwind's 'The Text of Festival' live 1971-72

Steve Agee Uhhh podcast

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Steve Agee's Uhhh podcast

During it's first run, this was arguably one of the worst prepared, worst organized podcasts to ever get past ten episodes. Steve Agee's Uhhhh podcast had no agenda and very few surprises. It's pretty common now to hear the hosts of podcasts threatening to stop the show because it's going to poorly, but how many have actually done it? Agee has multiple times and check out the first ten episodes from his original show for proof. (Also, find the episode where he tells the story of Liv Tyler begging him to go to a party with her when he just wants to lay on a futon.) So why was it one of my favorite podcasts? Because Agee is an underdog. He also reminds me of someone I grew up with who is now in jail. He's been dumped on x-mas, played a gay man on The Sarah Silverman Show, and is 6'6" in real life. His back story, originally moving to LA to be a musician before switching to comedy and having his acting dreams temporarily halted by some vengeful improv classmates, instantly makes you root for him. Agee is a one of us. He is obsessed with DeGrassi High, the original long-running Canadian teen soap opera, dedicating at least two full episodes to in depth interviews with original cast members. He also has some surprisingly sprite bass playing skills and the most bizarre of Hollywood buds - Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis, for example. After going just over a year without a new episode, Agee's 'Uhhh' has returned with new episodes in August, featuring an interview with actress and musician Juliette Lewis. Agee is proof that having a podcast should be as easy as turning on a microphone and speaking about your life for a little bit. If it's interesting, talk a lot. If you don't have much going on, cut it short. Hopefully, the guys at Feral Audio can keep him motivated and on a regular schedule of recording.
Updated: Every week
Running Time: 100 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: @SteveAgee
This is part of the Feral Audio podcast network.
Imperial Teen, Psychedelic Furs, Squarepusher, Yaz, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

NYC Taper has Imperial Teen 8-17-12
80's Revision has the Psychedelic Furs 11-19-84
Hiding Behind the Shed has Squarepusher on KCRW 8-31-12
I Love Total Destruction has a Yaz Peel Session from July 1982
Acid Punks has Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks 3-28-01

Baby Oil - Cobra Slap

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Baby Oil - Cobra Slap

Baby Oil is an intergalactic explosion of queer sex and sequins that will transport you to the days of French-rolled acid washed denim and Aqua Net. Baby Oil performs all original Disco, New Wave dance music, bringing Blue humor to the dance floor with influences such as Erasure, Giorgio Moroder, Yaz, and a silver spoonful of Freddie Mercury's theatrics. Baby Oil will shock you, get you laughing and makde you shake your platypus at us. Baby Oil are Peter Deffet, Michael Watson, and Nancy Hoffman. Featuring background vocals from The Slicks; Lori-Ellen Sherman and Daniel Arico. Seven tracks, you can stream the entire thing at the Reverbnation website, digital downloads are available here, or pick up a copy of the cd over at the label webpage.

Hollywood Babble-On podcast

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Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman

Movie director and podcast network pioneer Kevin Smith teams up with LA radio dj/actor/voice over specialist Ralph Garman to bring you Hollywood Babble-On, a weekly live show that covers all things movies and entertainment. Ralph Garman is the star of the show and Smith is the good natured sidekick. Picture Entertainment Tonight if the hosts hated the people they were reporting on, as Garman's outright hatred of all things Chelsea Handler, Kim Kardashian, and talentless but privileged Hollywood children is cruel and pure comedy gold. Regular segments include Hollywood Stiffs, Lindsay Lohan, Porn Star Kim Kardashian, Things That Should Not Be, Exquisite Acting, Hollywood Helper, Shout Outs, Kev-In, and each show ends with Liam's Neeson's Cock (which replaced the Anne Hache's Butthole segment.) Regular impressions include the ever-evolving creepy clown, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, Ed Wynn, Harrison Ford, David Lynch, Aaron Neville, David Bowie, Bill Cosby, and John Travolta's "Gay Ghost" . When Smith is out promoting his films, fill-in hosts who have subbed in for Kevin Smith include Jon Lovitz, Patton Oswalt, Kathy Reitman, and others. After nearly one hundred episodes over two years, there is now talk of a tv show. That should end well, probably with Garman's assassination.
Updated: Weekly
Running Time: 90 minutes
Guests: Never but occassional co-host fill-ins for Smith
Twitter: Ralph Garman
Twitter: Kevin Smith
Twitter: Hollywood Babble-On
Part of the Smodcast network

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