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Dinosaur Jr, The Pretenders, Velvet Underground, Personal and the Pizzas, Minor Threat

Captains Dead has Dinosaur Jr 10-29-94
Great White Wonders has The Pretenders 9-8-80
Doom and Gloom from the Tomb has Velvet Underground 3-13-69
I am the Least Machiavellian has Personal and the Pizzas Live on WFMU 7-25-09
Noise Addiction has Minor Threat 4-29-82

Professor Blastoff podcast

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Professor Blastoff podcast

Broadcasting from an abandoned hatch underground, four friends - Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan, David Huntsberger, and Mormon researcher Aaron Burrell - with nothing more than a layman's understanding of complex concepts and theories, attempt to discuss topics none of them can fully grasp. Luckily, they always have an expert guest, so that when they are done cracking wise about these deep topics - such as quantum physics, immortality, or morals - the hosts as well as the listener will come away with a better understanding of it.Their lack of expertise is quickly forgotten due to their charm and smart-alecky questions and comments. Lighthearted and with arguably the best chemistry of any current podcast hosting team, they end every show with personal messages for people who donated, read listener emails, proudly declaring their love of swamp rock, encouraging everyone to don a Tig Wig, and contribute a few chaotic ad readings and random barbershop quartet choral breaks. Available at the Earwolf Site. Update: This was actually written back in June, prior to Tig Notaro's cancer diagnosis. Obviously, the entire dynamic and scope of the podcast has changed into one with moments of inspiration and hope, in addition to the humor. We wish Tig a speedy recover and send all the goodwill possible in her direction.

Updated: Weekly
Running Time: 75 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: Blastoff Podcast
Twitter: Kyle Dunnigan
Twitter: David Huntsberger
Twitter: Aaron Burrell
Twitter: Tig Fans Unite
Part of the Earwolf network
Steve Earle, John Doe, Wussy, The Hentchmen, Stealing Orchestra

Music Ruined My Life has Steve Earle's 3XCD Magnetized Motherfuckers rarities collection
That's The Thing About That has John Doe 8-28-12
Big O has Wussy 8-11-12
Acid Punks has The Hentchmen 9-14-96
The Free Music Archive has the Stealing Orchestra's 'Stereogamy' album

Fitzdog Radio podcast

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Fitzdog Radio podcast

Greg Fitzsimmons became part of our subconscious as the host of MTV's Idiot Savants back in 1996. Now, he is older, wiser and really doesn't take any shit. These shows are very autobiographical and seem to have a very loose topic, basically catching his fans up on the details of his personal and professional life. He always travels with his recorder and manages to grab 10-15 minute interviews with other comics before their sets and he is also quick to do interviews with his opening acts, who are typically well known regionally, but never get to tour outside of their area. Bluntly honest, whether it's about his rage issues, ADHD, the terrible things he did while in college, or TV project after TV project failing to get off the ground, Fitzsimmons can quickly reverse into takes of his obsession with being a dedicated family man to his wife and kids. He's been in the business for many years and knows every comic with any measure of success, which is reflected by his guests. The mutual respect is always on display and no host collapses into laughter more than Fitzsimmons and his friends.
Updated: Every week
Running Time: 45 minutes
Guests: Every show
The Faces, Alice Cooper, The Clash, Jim Jones Revue, Johnny Thunders

Big O has The Faces live 1970
Music Art VCL has Alice Cooper 7-7-12
13th Floor Vendetta has The Clash live 1982
Noise Addiction has the Jim Jones Revue Live 2008-10
Great White Wonders has Johnny Thunders 11-9-88

Low Times podcast

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Low Times podcast

The Best Show's Tom Scharpling gets to flex his music muscles with this interview-based podcast, hosted along with Daniel Ralston and Maggie Serota. Indie and alternarock royalty - Lou Barlow, Mark Robinson, Peter Prescott, Tommy Stinson, Dean Wareham, Ben Lee, Greg Cartwright, Gary Waleik, among others - provide the deepest interviews of their careers, as Scharpling asks the nitty-gritty questions hardcore fans have always wanted to know. Usually starting with the early days and working their way through their careers with plenty of sidetracks, you'll find out how the bands came to be, how the albums were recorded, why the bands broke up, what dealing with the major labels was really like, and a lot of the times, how much money they never made. The target audience for this is over 35 year old indie rockheads and that's perfectly fine with me.

Updated: Every ten days
Running Time: 75 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: @lowtimes
Twitter: @scharpling
Twitter: @maggieserota
Twitter: @danielralston
The Obits, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Olivia Tremor Control, The Fall, Bob Mould

That's the Thing about That has The Obits 8-4-12
Uuhngschpugg has Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 1-14-00
Doom and Gloom from the Tomb has Olivia Tremor Control on WFMU 10-16-11
Hiding Behind the Shed has The Fall 6-18-10 radio session
Captains Dead has Bob Mould live on German Radio 1989

Ronna and Beverly podcast

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Ronna and Beverly podcast

Ronna and Beverly and portrayed by Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin. These two ultra Jewish middle age women are located in Marlborough, Mass and have their guests join them on the "east coast" when they are in the area. Ronna is the bright one, who tries to talk some sense into her friend Beverly, who is always offensive and only gets more offensive as she tries to explain how she didn't mean to be offensive the first time. Whether she's defending her children who get expelled from college for wearing blackface, directly insulting the show's guests to their faces, or farting and denying it before sheepishly admitting it and then farting again, her offensiveness is her most admirable trait. Each show starts and ends with a 15 minute discussion with a guest coming in for the middle 30 minutes.

Updated: Weekly
Running Time: 60 minutes
Guests: Every show
Twitter: @RonnaAndBeverly
Twitter: @JessicaChaffin
Twitter: @JamieDenbo
Part of the Earwolf network
Calexico, The Replacements, The Dictators, Wilco, Crooked Fingers

Big O has Calexico 6-30-12
Great White Wonders has The Replacements 7-4-91
Noise Addiction has the Dictators 12-30-93
NYC Taper has Wilco 7-28-12
Southern Shelter has Crooked Fingers 7-26-12

The Dana Gould Hour podcast

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The Dana Gould Hour podcast

Longtime Simpson's contributor Dana Gould finally gets into the podcast game. Whether he's bitching about losing the Dana Gould twitter handle to a lawyer with no followers or posts or frequently taking a turn into dark subject matter, there is always a one liner that blasts the mood right back into laughs. Frequent stories of growing up in a house with a badass father and four older brothers, one of which is a cop and another a firefighter (find the clip of his hard-assed father walking in the house after a long day at work to find him watching David Bowie on Saturday Night Live). Broken up into segments such as 'Political Talk with Two Guys from Boston', two air conditioning specialists who never do manage to discuss politics, as they are distracted by things like the new sandwich at Dunkin Donuts. Also, frequent guest Eddie Pepitone is the owner of the second most contageous laugh in the world (Pete Holmes is #1).

Updated: Once per month
Running Time: 80 minutes
Guests: Frequently
Twitter: @DanaJGould

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