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Crooked Fingers, Elvis Presley, Off, The Only Ones, Velvet Underground

Southern Shelter has Crooked Fingers 5-18-12
Big O has Elvis Presley 6-9-75
That's The Thing About That has Off 10-8-11
Son of Subversive Sounds has The Only Ones 11-3-79
Doom and Gloom From The Tomb has the Velvet Underground 1968-69
Shellac, Mark Lanegan Band, Guided By Voices, The Lurkers, The Avengers

Shiny Grey Monotone has Shellac 10-22-11
Music Art VCL has the Mark Lanegan Band on KEXP 2-7-12
Captains Dead has Guided By Voices 10-17-97
Noise Addiction has The Lurkers 9-14-82
Monde de Muebles has The Avengers Live May 1979

75orLess Records is proud to announce the release of the DVD 'THE AMAZING VISUAL MUSICAL ADVENTURE', featuring 90 minutes of music videos by 24 label performers.
The DVD will be is limited to only 75 copies and includes a gallery of the entire archive of 75orLess Records album covers. Featuring music videos by: Baylies Band, Before The Masons, bitch brothers, The Blood Moons, Broadcaster, Crotchthrottle, David Tessier, Dennis Most and the Instigators, The Dial Mz, The Doll Eyes, Galvanize, Good Time Charlie, Hank Sinatra Jr, Hope Anchor, The Jesse Minute, Lloyd's Llamas, Mark Cutler, Minky Starshine, The Masons, The Propellers, The Sentimental Favorites, Six Star General, Stan, and Vertical Twin. You can purchase a copy at the label website.

Soul-Junk - 1961

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Soul Junk - 1961

Soul-Junk has a new full length album, "1961", available for digital download. Their immense discography started out with rock, went into bizarro hip hop for a few albums, before returning to their rock band-based roots. No matter the genre or approach, one thing remains constant and that is their praise of Jesus Christ, Son of God. I have always considered the religious part of their music to just be one more unique characteristic about the band, and have never let it distract me from the music itself, which is truly original. Known for frequently rotating members of the band, this album has Glen Galaxy backed by members of his actual family, now including his twelve year old son Jude on drums and five year old singer/percussionist daughter Mila. The entire album is streaming and available for purchase at their bandcamp page.
Mojo Nixon, New Multitudes, Firehose, Grant McLennan, Beastie Boys

Big Plans for Everybody has Firehose Live 1988
That's The Thing About That has Mojo Nixon Live April 2012
Big O has the Beastie Boys 5-22-92
NYC Taper has New Multitudes 3-14-12
That Striped Sunlight Sound has Grant McLennan 6-10-91
XTC, Swiz, Supreme Dicks, The Jesus Lizard, Cat Power

Mondo de Muebles has XTC's Peel Sessions
Noise Addiction has Swiz live April 1988
The Free Mumsic Archive has the Supreme Dicks 3-17-12
Shiny Grey Monotone has the Jesus Lizard 11-2-90
Doom and Gloom from the Tomb has Cat Power 9-18-96

Six Star General - Splinter

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Six Star General - Splinter

(From Providence Phoenix March 2012): Their eighth studio effort, Splinter, finds guitarist Kyle Jackson, drummer Dan Ulmschneider, and bassist/vocalist Mark MacDougall peaking hard through concise and potent bursts of stoner sludge. Alt-rock fossils still hooked on vintage Dinosaur Jr., Silkworm, and Archers of Loaf should dig deep into their back catalog. Splinter was recorded in five sessions over two months, a marathon by SSG standards. Credit producer and local veteran musician Kraig Jordan (also of the Masons), who's Plan of a Boy studio has become the go-to recording spot for SSG. Layers of Kyle Jackson's guitar work resonate across Splinter on cuts "Curved Nerves" and "Triple EEE", and if you listen closely, you'll hear Jordan yelling through a bullhorn with swirling echoes. 75orLess brethren Mark Cutler, Bill Keough (Galvanize), and Joe Traynor (Vertical Twin) conjure a garage rock choir on a few tracks, including the opener "Ungroovy Feeling," and the band reworked two cuts from the previous EP. Nine tracks in all, you can download the track Curved Nerves, and buy a copy of the cd at the label webpage.

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