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Groundhawgs - Warbirds

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Groundhawgs - Warbirds

Nostradamus foretold of it in his quatrains.... The Mayan Calendar predicted it... and so it has come to pass... THE GROUNDHAWGS! The long dormant rock outfit who made such a defiant and jubilant noise in the late 80's and 90's, have returned to this island Earth with a new full length LP titled WARBIRDS. It's massive riffs, surgical strike hooks, and melodious choruses threaten to shatter the North American continental shelf, and or change the face of ROCK as we know it. DROP, COVER, and ROLL KIDS... GROUNDHAWGS WARBIRDS IS HERE! TOPS!!! Eleven tracks in all, you can download the track Tops and pick up a copy of the cd at the label webpage.
Modest Mouse, White Hills, Elliott Smith, Sun Ra, Mark Lanegan Band

That's The Thing About That has Modest Mouse 9-10-00
NYC Taper has White Hills 4-9-12
Captains Dead has Elliott Smith 4-13-99
Big O has Sun Ra 11-11-71
Music Art VCL has the Mark Lanegan Band 2-22-12
The Masons - Warm Days Long Shadows

It was 2007 when we last heard from The Masons. In the 5 years that have followed The Masons have sharpened, honed and refined their signature sound. They ask each song what it wants, and then give each song what it needs. The results of "The Masons' Method" is Warm Days Long Shadows. 22 songs over 2 CDs, the new double album is permeated with songs about life in the 21st Century. Warm Days features The Masons' rock 'n roll credentials with big guitars, pulsing drums and anthemic choruses. Long Shadows delves deeply into keyboard laden atmospheres, slow tempos, softly strummed acoustic guitars, and majestic vocals. Warm Days Long Shadows is the perfect soundtrack for a summer's night, a winter's day or any weather pattern. You can download the track 'Get Up', watch a video of the song 'The Only Way', and purchase a copy of the cd at the label webpage.
Good Time Charlie - Old Wine New Vinegar

Good Time Charlie is a five piece band from the Rhode Island area, featuring former members of Mustache Ride. Formed in 2010 shortly after the death of Leslie Nielsen, Good Time Charlie is an amalgamation of punk/indie and church music. Recorded at Satellite Studios, most of the songs are about parties the band has been to. You can download the title track Old Wine New Vinegar and buy a copy of the cd at the label webpage.
Big Country, Alley Cats, New Multitudes, Bow Wow Wow, Centro-matic

Mondo de Muebles has Bow Wow Wow live 1983
Southern Shelter has Centro-matic 4-9-12
The Steam Engine has New Multitudes 3-12-12
Son of Subversive Sound has Big Country 5-4-84
Noise Addiction has Alley Cats 1-21-83
ASU Music School has Marine Corps Women's Band 11-14-1944
Norwich Univ has A day in the Life of a Cadet 2012
Cadet Squadron 144 shows a Day at Miramar Air Station 2-15-08
Marine Corps loans has loans for enlisted Marine Corps 2012
Sam Houston has Marine Corps history through 1915

Buell Thomas - In The Air

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Buell Thomas - In The Air (Big Blue)

I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Buell Thomas in the early 1990s. Many a smoke saturated Saturday afternoon were spent listening to music, talking about music and playing music. Now it's 2012 and Mr. Thomas has a record called In The Air that seems to be an extension of those Saturdays long ago. I can hear multiple influences on this record from The Beatles (Billy Preston era) & 1970s Nashville to Burt Bacharach and a spoken word piece called Right Now that could have been on Sun Ra's Heliocentric Worlds Vol. I. This is music to make you feel good; just like a Saturday afternoon. You can listen or purchase the album here.
The Sentimental Favorites - The Unrelenting Sentimental Favorites

The Sentimental Favorites are a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is Providence RI duo of seasoned entertainers. On The Unrelenting Sentimental Favorites, their sophomore effort five years in the making, they have plenty to say and do so in 31 songs about work, life, growing old, death, family, what's wrong with the world today and how that cigarette makes you look fat. It's almost like a billboard for Medicare Florida would put up. The first 25 copies include a poster with lyrics. Digital downloads are available here, you can download the track Litterbugs, watch a video for the track Hey Sonny, and purchase a copy of the cd at the label website.
Husker Du, Heartless Bastards, Sharon Van Etten, Death of Samantha, The Pixies

Big O has Husker Du 7-24-81
NYC Taper has the Heartless Bastards 3-17-12
The Flat Response has Sharon Van Etten 3-28-12
The Free Music Archive has Death of Samantha 3-17-12
Music Art VCL has The Pixies live 1989

Minky Starshine - Womanity

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Minky Starshine - Womanity

Sonically grander than previous Minky Starshine records, 2012's "Womanity" is tightly arranged and produced, delivering bursts of warmth and color from start to finish. The songs continue to feel like memories from our past, but are fashioned to recall the most notable melody makers in todays hip indie culture. This is the birth of a new beat. Drawing upon the classic powerpop running through their blood, Minky and his camp of lovelorn bandits have pulled out all the stops this third time around. The newest addition of drummer John Sands (Aimee Mann, Liz Phair) and Tracy Bonham (vocals/violin) combined with a soundscape of horns, synths and other oddball blips and bleeps, often brings to mind the creative genius of a mad-scientist ringside at the circus. But, how can a cosmopolitan brand of indie rock still be strut worthy while offering listeners such hope and emotional sentiment? This record answers that question while turning new wave aesthetics into old wave media. Oh, the womanity of it all...Produced by Anthony Resta (Duran Duran) and mastered by Chris Gehringer (Rihanna, Lady Gaga) at various locations along the east coast. Eleven tracks in all, you can download the tracks Hard Times and Laughing Gas, and watch a video of the track Cinematic Mojo. Digital downloads are available here and you can purchase at the label website.
The Warmers, Joy Formidable, Rollins Band, Plasmatics, Lucero

Acid Punks has the Warmers 4-19-97
That's The thing About That has Lucero 4-1-12
Noise Addiction has The Plasmatics 1978
Bradley's Almanac has the Joy Formidable 3-29-11
Shiny Grey Monotone has the Rollins Band 6-3-87

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