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Unrest - Perfect Teeth 7" Box Set

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Unrest - Perfect Teeth 7" Box Set

Teenbeat has re-issued the Unrest seven inch box set for the 15th anniversary of their album 'Perfect Teeth'. This box will be identical to the original but with gold ink, an updated 24-page booklet, all seven records will have a different color vinyl, a couple of stickers, and a download coupon. Depending on the tier you choose, you can also include a coffee mug, a pin, or three live cds. Prices range from $45-$77. Available now for pre-order, this will ship in early April. Pre-order it here.

bitch brothers - Self Titled

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The bitch brothers Self Titled debut is now released. bitch brothers are a three piece band from beautiful Worcester, MA. Believing very much in the ethos put forth by the Minutemen and Fugazi, we jam econo - doing as much as we can ourselves. We work the night shift to make a sound that is new, yet still influenced by the the artists we love. This self-titled release encompasses the spirit of our musical democracy. The first half of the album, tracks 1-9, represent their structured and focused studio side. The second half, tracks 10-16, were recorded during several practices and represent their looser, improvisational side. Sixteen tracks in all, you can download the track Son of the Seventies and pick up a copy of the cd at the label webpage.

Found Music 1/27/12

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Lydia Loveless, Sugar, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and Etta James, The Misfits

That's the Thing about That has Lydia Loveless 11-12-11
Besides Asides has Sugar Live July 1992
Doom and Gloom from the Tomb has the Beach Boys Landlocked outtakes
Big O has Bob Dylan with Etta James 7-10-86
Noise Addiction has The Misfits 12-20-78

Mark Cutler Kickstarter Project

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Mark Cutler has a Kickstarter to fund his next record to be released on 75orLess. The bulk of recording will be done at Satellite Studios in East Greenwich, RI with Emerson Torrey at the recording console. The recording sessions started last week and band members include Jim Berger on Bass, Rick Couto on Drums, Bob Kirkman on Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin, & Dicky Reed on Keyboards. Rewards include signed items and live performances. Check out the video explaining the project and contribute to the funding here.

Wooden Shjips Remixes EP

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Wooden Shjips have announced the release of a new 12" remix EP. This is a 28 minute EP featuring exclusive remixes from Andrew Weatherall, Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Kandodo. After a full listen, the Sonic Boom mix is basically him playing all their songs at once at the same volume level. Lazy and barely listenable. The other tracks clearly have more effort put into them. This comes packaged in a full color LP jacket and is limited to only 2,500 copies - 2,000 copies on black and 500 copies on clear vinyl with black streaks. While this will ship in mid to late February, if you order now you'll get a download of the tracks. Pick it up here.

Found Music 1/20/12

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Mark Lanegan, Camper Van Beethoven, Guided By Voices, Fugazi, Mule

NYC Taper has Camper Van Beethoven 1-14-12
Freedon has no Bounds has Guided By Voices
Music Art VCL has Mark Lanegan 10-17-00
Acid Punks has Fugazi 9-29-96
I've made you a tape has Mule outtakes and rarities
The Uncomfortables 'Across the Shields Vol 1 & 2' are now released. This pair of releases was engineered by Matthew Bachand of Shadows Fall and co-produced by Uncomfortables and Matthew Bachand. The songs traverse the sonic landscape of flame thrower pop punk right through to blurred hardcore and metal. Uncomfortables have done hundreds of North American shows and have toured internationally. This is a band for fans of Husker Du, Kyuss, Mr. T Experience, and Motorhead. You can download the track Euro Style, pick up a copy of the both albums at the label webpage, or download the album here.
75orLess Record label 2012 Digital Sampler is now available for free download and features Birkitt Transmissions, Broadcaster, Crotchthrottle, Deadlands, Dennis Most, Galvanize, Garage Sale Picasso, Maria Monk, Hank Sinatra Jr, Lloyd's Llamas, Mike Mountain, MW Ensemble, Soma Nova and Walltrax. You can download it here.

Found Music 1/13/12

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Jethro Tull, Minutemen, Cass McCombs, Olivia Tremor Control, Witchypoo

Infinite Foolishness has Minutemen 12-1-84
Isle Full Of Noises has Jethro Tull BBC Live Sessions 1968-91
Connecticut Recordings has Cass McCombs 12-31-11
Southern Shelter has Olivia Tremor Control 1-7-12
Shiny Grey Monotone has Witchypoo 4-13-91

Vertical Twin - Geezer Wheelie

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Vertical Twin's Geezer Wheelie is now released. This is Vertical Twin's second release. Geezer Wheelie is a hard rocking trip down memory lane visiting Psychotic ex-lovers, Rick Nielsen's guitar collection, marital aides, traps and rainbow unicorns. A three piece from Providence, RI doing more rocking and less talking. Only $6.00 postpaid for the cd, you can also stream or purchase the digital downloads here.

Ladyfest Boston February 3-5

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Ladyfest is coming to Boston February 3 - 5 at the Cambridge YMCA. Focusing on the need for community awareness and spotlighting women in creative arts, performing will be Alice Bag from the legendary LA punk band The Bags, RI's Whore Paint, Boston bands' Cotton Candy, Libyyans, Thick Shakes and many others. Here is a link to a twenty song sampler from the artists involved in the event.

Found Music 1/6/12

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Yo La Tengo, Buddy Holly, Bevis Frond, David Bowie, TSOL

NYC Taper has Yo La Tengo 12-27-11
Captains Dead has Buddy Holly 1959 demos
Music Art VCL has Bevis Frond 7-19-03
Big O has David Bowie 12-12-78
Noise Addiction has TSOL Live 1982

Boom Chick - Shake Can Well

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Boom Chick - Shake Can Well

Brooklyn's drum-girl-guitar-boy duo Boom Chick had one of our favorite releases in 2011 and they have announced the pre-order for a new seven inch single called 'Shake Can Well'. This will be an edition of 500 copies, with the first 100 copies on clear purple vinyl. It's $6 plus shipping and that gets you a download of the tracks upon ordering. This should arrive in your mailboxes in late February. You can order and listen to all three streaming tracks at their bandcamp site.

Top Ten of 2011

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Top Ten for 2011, in no particular order:

CAVE - Endlessness (Drag City)
Crooked Fingers - Breaks in the Armor (Merge)
Boom Chick - Show Pony (self released)
AL LOVER'S Distorted Reverberations of Reverberating Distortion - Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock 'n Roll (Cool All Over)
Peace - My Face (Pop Echo )
TW Walsh - Songs of Pain and Leisure (Graveface)
Haley Bonar - Golder (Graveface)
Dead Skeletons - Dead Magic (A)
Centro-matic - Candidate Waltz EP (Misra)
Fucked Up - David Comes to Life (Matador)

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