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Found Music 12/30/11

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Kurt Vile and the Violators, Television, Wire, Husker Du, Shellac

Acid Punks has Shellac 10-19-11
Doom and Gloom from the Tomb has Television 7-2-78
Connecticut Recordings has Kurt Vile and the Violators 3-14-11
I Love Total Destruction has Wire 11-23-11
Willfully Obscure has Husker Du Zen Arcade outtakes
Matador's Singles Going Home Alone Subscription Series

Matador has decided to join the limited edition seven inch singles club for 2012 with what they are calling "Singles Going Home Alone Subscription Series", a series of six singles by such bands as The Men, OBN IIIs, a split between Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and L.A. Guns (!) covering each other's songs, and three bands to be named later. Other fun gifts include a tote bag, 10% off their online store for the entire year and some other secret items. The words "limited edition" and "Matador" rarely if ever, are used together, so you can expect the Malkmus single to be fetching big bucks on ebay for the duration of 2012, before being promptly reissued digitally in 2013. Reasonably priced, record collectors should grab this hoping the three unnamed bands are from the classic roster and not the black wearing, synth playing euro-duo's dominating their string of new signings. Read more about it here.

Found Music 12/23/11

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Rezillos, The Fuzztones, Meat Puppets, Sebadoh, Adrenalin OD

Noise Addiction has Adrenalin OD on WFMU 5-15-86
Swiss Tapes has The Fuzztones 10-30-11
The Flat Response has Meat Puppets 6-26-11
Big Box of Tapes has Rezillos 3-30-86
Southern Shelter has Sebadoh 11-7-11
Boston Hassle - A Boston Underground Music Compilation

On December 11, the Boston Hassle compilation button was released on a wearable music pin that only requires the listener to plug in their headphones and press play. The simple controls let you pause or play the music and to skip forward or back through the songs. While the lack of display doesn't work against this playable pin format if there's only one band, it's different for a compilation, because until you memorize the order of the tracks, you are on your own. That's really the only thing to complain about, as it comes packed in a slightly larger than matchbox sized cardboard container, with a splattered Boston Red Sox logo on the top. As for the music, thirteen tracks ranging from middle eastern madness, instrumental hip hop, reverb drenched power pop, hyper/gloom synth and angular indie rock.You can stream the comp here and purchase the comp here.
Joyful Noise Flexi Disc Subscription Series for 2012

Joyful Noise continues to expand the niche packaging and format market with their latest Flexi Disc Subscription Series for 2012. Not content with reissuing indie classics on cassette with screen printed boxes in limited runs, Joyful Noise past artists are top notch (Dinosaur Jr, Of Montreal, Marmoset, etc), and also for this Flexi Disc Series - Jad Fair, Of Montreal, Tortoise, Lou Barlow, Richard Swift, Danielson, Racebannon, and others. Granted, their target audiences have yet to learn of the downfalls of these resurrected formats - tapes getting eaten, the sound quality slowly getting worse, and the fun of trying to locate a particular song, or the flexi disc sound quality in general - but grabbing the music collector geek's attention seems to be working. So here's the details - each release is limited to just 500 copies on clear, one-sided flexi discs, which will ship once per month. There are no downloads available, and all the songs are exclusive to the subscription. There's two levels to the subscription, one with a screen printed box ($89 with shipping) and one without ($69 with shipping).

Found music 12/16/11

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Bob Dylan, Lambchop, The Pixies, Yo La Tengo, Southern Culture on the Skids

Acid Punks has Southern Culture on the Skids 12-31-96
Captains Dead has Lambchop 7-21-04
Conn Recordings has Yo La Tengo 9-23-11
Big O has Bob Dylan 6-26-11
Shiny Grey Monotone has The Pixies 4-27-89
William Schaff Art Book with 10" LP by Jason Molina

Friend of 75orLess and fellow Warren, RI resident William Schaff has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new book in partnership with Graveface Records. The goal is to make a beautiful 11"x11" hardcover art book of at least 60 pages, featuring Schaff's music related artwork. There's introductions and essays from John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, Will Sheff of Okkervil River and Darren Jackson of Kid Dakota. The levels of donations have some pretty amazing rewards. While the book comes with an exclusive 10" LP by Jason Molina, extra special gifts include a flexi-disc by the Casket Girls, a GG Allin activity coloring book, posters, colored test pressings, personalized art, and other neat things. Watch the crazy video explaining the rewards and assist on funding this project.

Hank Sinatra Jr. - Grow a Pear

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Hank Sinatra Jr. - Grow a Pear

It is a sure thing that Hank Sinatra Jr. will one day be a star. Until then, we are lucky enough to be able to pay $7 for his unreal geniusnessosity and be practically assured to get in to any of his shows without them selling out. "Grow A Pear" was performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, mustied and marbled by Hank. With reggae jams, rock anthems, club hits, sea shantys and more, this album proves the genre defying act worthy. 2012 will probably, most likely be the year that the last person, who has not heard of Hank Sinatra Jr., will die. So get hip, be yourself and do what I say... buy Hank Sinatra Jr.'s "Grow A Pear" while you still can. 17 tracks in all, you can download the track 'Whole Foods' for free and pick up a copy for only $7.00 at the label webpage.

Galvanize - Self Titled

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Galvanize - Self Titled

Galvanize are an indie rock group from Providence, RI. Combining muscular, angular riffs with imperial horsepower drumming, the group lays the foundation for emotive, honest lyrics of the daily societal grind to be dispensed with proper punch. This is their debut five song EP. You can download the track 'Battleship' and pick up a copy for only $6.00 at the label webpage.

Soma Nova - Self Titled

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Soma Nova - Self Titled

Soma Nova's self titled debut is now released. It was recorded and mixed at Summing Point, Newport, RI, in the second half of 2011. This collection of songs infuses psych-pop and folk rock, a cure-all remedy for whatever befalls you. Being compared to Bob Dylan's Infidels is definitely a jump start in the right direction for Soma Nova's debut. Nine tracks in all, you can download the track All This Time, and pick up a copy for only $9.00 at the label webpage.

Found Music 12/9/11

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Purling Hiss, Man or Astroman, The Fall, Agent Orange, The Lyres

NYC Taper has Purling Hiss 11-18-11
Le Garage Abandonne has Lyres Live 1987
Down Underground has Agent Orange 5-25-11
Big Box of Tapes has The Fall 7-10-81
Southern Shelter has Man or Astroman 10-15-11

Lambchop - Mr M

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Lambchop - Mr M

Lambchop will be releasing the full length album 'Mr M' on February 20, available through both Merge and City Slang. If you pre-order the double LP from Merge, it includes a download coupon, while City Slang has a few more formats available, including CD, DVD, LP, and a vinyl box set. There's a free download of the track 'If Not I'll Just Die' and the first 150 pre-orders get a signed poster of a Kurt Wagner painting.

Friday's Found Mmusic 12-2-11

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Psychedelic Furs, Modest Mouse, Tortoise, Olivia Tremor Control, Scratch Acid

Acid Punks has Tortoise 6-13-03
The Flat Response has Olivia Tremor Control 10-14-11
Shiny Grey Monotone has Scratch Acid 1-15-11
Captains Dead has Modest Mouse's Lonesome Crowded West demos
Nuzz Prowling Wolf has Psychedelic Furs 6-7-80

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