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SATURDAY OCTOBER 1 from 11am-7pm, the third annual FUSIONFEST will take place at the scenic Water Street Landing in Warren, RI. FREE ADMISSION, lots of beers, tasty foods and live performers will include The Honey Brown, Paul Rocha, The Rice Cakes, The Propellers, Beat Billies, Suicide Bill, Good Time Charlie, Dan White, Six Star General, Vertical Twin, Coma Coma. Music starts at 11am sharp!

Friday's Found Music 9-23-11

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Captain Beefheart, Centro-matic, REM, Public Image Ltd, Mountain Goats 3-30-11

NYCTaper has Mountain Goats 3-30-11.
Subversive Sounds has Public Image Limited 10-31-83.
Big O has Captain Beefheart 1-29-81.
Southern Shelter has Centro-matic 8-12-11.
Captains Dead has REM 4-10-81.

The Smiths - Remastered Box set

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The Smiths Box Set

Rhino will soon be releasing The Smiths Box Set. Packaged in a numbered, trunk-style box, and is limited to 4,000 made. It contains all eight albums with replica packaging on CD and vinyl, all remastered by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright. This also includes all 25 of The Smiths' singles on 7" vinyl with original artwork, 'The Complete Picture' DVD of the band's music videos, an 8 page booklet with expanded liner notes by author Lois Wilson, and all original cover-art prints and a 36" x 24" poster. This will be released on October 25, 2011, and is hilariously priced at $500.
Crotchthrottle - Everything Odder Than Everything Else

Crotchthrottle's - Everything Odder Than Everything Else is now released on 75orLess Records. According to reports from the field, members of Crotchthrottle locked themselves in a bunker for five months to rehearse before recording their latest psych noise rock quasi-instrumental release, Everything Odder Than Everything Else. While no-one can be sure what happened in there, their supplies are rumored to have included seven crates of old issues of Creem and Reflex magazines, the collected writings of Lester Bangs and Richard Meltzer, five Kraftwerk albums, fifty cases of pasta sauce, and ten pounds of dill pickles. As usual, no band members could be reached for comment. 14 tracks, you can watch the videos for the songs Gong Market and Wizards can Wait and download the track (Some Kind of) European Magic. The label is limited to 25 copies and all come with a 9.5" x 9.5" poster. You can order at the label website.

Friday's Found Music Sept 16, 2011

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The Jesus Lizard, Fugazi, Primal Scream, Dag Nasty, Misfits tribute

Weekender has a Primal Scream B sides collection.
Besides Asides has demos and rarities from Dag Nasty.
Acid Punks has The Jesus Lizard 5-28-98.
Shiny Grey Monotone has the Fugazi Peel sessions.
Sluggisha has the Misfits tribute Rise From the Crypt.

Ho-Ag free digital single

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Ho-Ag - Seal the Room Kuzka Mom digital single

The new two song digital single from Boston's Ho-Ag is available for free download.

Marmoset - 4XLP Box Set

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Marmoset - 4XLP Box Set (Joyful Noise)

Today, Joyful Noise releases the Marmoset 4XLP box set, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their second album "Record In Red". This box contains all four of their albums on vinyl, two of them for the first time. Also comes with instant downloads of each album, along with an additional download of 24 bonus tracks. This is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, packaged in screen-printed wooden boxes and also a 40 page mini-booklet.You can dowload the tracks Peace in the Valley, Winter, Missing Man, Peach Cobbler and order your copy here.

Found Music 9/9/11

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Lou Reed, The Specials, Afghan Whigs, The Cows, Yo La Tengo

Mondo Demuebles has The Specials 1-30-80
Captains Dead has Afghan Whigs 6-29-91
Punk Not Profit has Lou Reed live 1973
Chunklet has Cows demos from 1986
NYC taper has Yo La Tengo 12-6-10
Hovercraft, Dead Milkmen, William Elliott Whitmore, Ramones, Adam Ant

Days of Our Youth has The Ramones Live June 1979.
Daytrotter has a session from William Elliott Whitmore.
Acid Punks has Hovercraft 7-15-97.
I Vomit 4 U has Adam Ant 11-21-10.
Teenage Dogs in Trouble has The Dead Milkmen's 'Eat Your Paisley' demos.

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