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Cave - Neverendless

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Cave - Neverendless (Drag City)

Deliberately repetitive Chicago space rock, averaging over 8 minutes per song, sounding at times like Trans Am and Stereo Lab, complete with a couple of gonzo 'Baba O'Riley'-like freak-outs. Better yet, massive psych jams that are more aggressive than Spacemen 3, but less guitar driven than Wooden Shjips, also recalling Tortoise on 'On The Rise,' where amazing guitar and keyboard solos are traded and rotated, processed vocal chants are layered, and wah pedals are worshiped. Check out the tour dates or their myspace (!) page.

Found Music 8-26-11

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Shonen Knife, Centro-Matic, David Bazan, The Fall, Rockpile

Hiding Behind the Shed has the Shonen Knife Marc Riley Radio Sessions 8-10-11
Southern Shelter has Centro-matic 8-13-11
Bradleys Almanac has David Bazan 4-3-11
Uuchngsschpugg has The Fall 4-4-84
Big O has Rockpile 11-27-80

Found Music 8/19/11

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Bitch Magnet, Yo La Tengo, Sun Kil Moon, Johnny Thunders, Queens of the Stone Age, Bitch Magnet

The Flat Response has Yo La Tengo 6-18-11
Captains Dead has Sun Kil Moon 3-31-04
Nuzz Prowling Wolf has Johnny Thunders 2-29-84
Chunklet has Bitch Magnet live and rare
NYC taper has Queens of the Stone Age 5-25-11

Found Music 8-12-11

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Lux and Ivy's Favorites collection, Thurston Moore, Townes Van Zandt, Donovan, Velocity Girl

Hiding Behind the Shed has Thurston Moore on KCRW 7-28-11.
WFMU Beware of the Blog has the 11 volume Lux and Ivy's Favorites collection
Willfully Obscure has Velocity Girl 10-29-93
Root Blog has Townes Van Zandt Whole Coffeehouse 1973
Big O has Donovan 6-3-11
Dex Romweber Duo - Is That You In The Blue? (Bloodshot)

Another step in the right direction for the resurrection of Dex Romweber, courtesy of Bloodshot Records. The track 'Jungle Drums' brings the classic Dex formula, runaway rockabilly with a blazing sax solo, while there's another short sax blast on the sub-two minute instrumental rocker 'Climb Down'. The album has some Orbison-esque dark ballads, particularly the title track, a few uptempo Eddie Cochrane rockers, and some Dick Dale-ish surf influenced licks. If this keeps up, the deserving Dex may actually break the curse and be fully appreciated in his lifetime. You can download the track Jungle Drums, catch them on tour, and purchase the album at the label website.

Found Music 8/5/11

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New Order, Off!, Killdozer, Quicksand, David Bazan

Week-ender has New Order 5-8-01
Southern Shelter has Off! 6-26-11.
Acid Punks has Killdozer 1-2-87.
Shiny Grey Monotone has Quicksand 1995.
NYC taper has David Bazan 6-22-11.

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