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Found Music 7-29-11

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Amon Tobin, Janes Addiction, Be Bop Deluxe, Flaming Lips, Iggy Pop

Hiding Behind the Shed has Amon Tobin on KCRW 7-27-11.
Refused...and Friends has Janes Addiction 1-31-87
Big plans for everybody has Be Bop Deluxe 3-9-76
Salmugundi Syncopation has Iggy Pop with Brian James and Glen Matlock Live 1979
Big O has The Flaming Lips 6-15-11.

Found Music 7/22/11

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Bill Callahan, The Mummies, Sleeping In The Aviary, Gastr Del Sol, Sonic Youth

All I Want has The Mummies 3-11-94.
Daytrotter has a session from Sleeping In The Aviary.
Acid Punks has Gastr Del Sol 4-23-97.
Shiny Grey Monotone has Sonic Youth 1-17-88.
NYC taper has Bill Callahan 7-12-11.

75orLess Anniversary Party

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The Apartment is celebrating one year of being open and the 75orLess label is marking it's fifth year anniversary (the review site has also lasted ten years this October!). So, we have decided to celebrate by hosting THE APARTMENT & 75ORLESS RECORDS ANNIVERSARY PARTY ON SATURDAY JULY 23. Starting at 3pm and going until closing, 15 LABEL BANDS WILL PERFORM including Mark Cutler, Girl Haggard, Broadcaster, The Doll Eyes, Coma Coma, The diePods, Soma Nova, The Propellers, Hank Sinatra Jr, Suicide Bill, Six Star General with Kraig Jordan, The Birkitt Transmissions, The Blood Moons, Good Time Charlie and the David Tessier All-Star Band. This is a FREE show. There will be special guest DJ's between bands, cheap cds, t-shirts and posters. This is also the DVD Release show for HANK SINATRA JR, as well as the cd release show for THE BIRKITT TRANSMISSIONS and DAVID TESSIER.

Found Music 7/15/11

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Sleater Kinney, Helmet, Seam, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Beatles

Digital Meltd0wn has Sleater Kinney 12-30-05
Refused...and Friends has Helmet 8-10-94
The Power of Independent Trucking has Seam 2-23-94
Voodoo Wagon has Neil Young & Crazy Horse 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' Live
Big O has The Beatles 'Off White' (White Album demos)

Vertical Twin - self titled EP

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Vertical Twin - self titled EP

This is Vertical Twin's debut release. A dynamic three piece from Providence, RI with a rock/punk & blues mix. No talking, no tuning, just heads-down non-nonsense-mindless boogie at 90MPH. Think fast cars, faster women, and giving the finger to your boss. Their song cloud drips motorcycles, mental illness & sex. You can download the track POS Jones. Digital downloads are available here or you can purchase a copy at the label website.
The Birkitt Transmissions - Cut in 3

The Cut in 3 EP is the Birkitt Transmissions' first release. Husband/Wife duo Doug (guitar/vocals) & Aileen Birkitt (drums) play simple, loud, melodic guitar rock. Is it punk? Well.... sure, if you'd like it to be. Whatever gets you through the night. It's rock, yo. Please check it out for yourself. That would make the Birkitt Transmissions purr like a kitten. You can download the track Pretty Nonsense and purchase a copy at the label webpage.

Eastern Phoebes - Wampum

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Eastern Phoebes - Wampum (self released)

On the Elephant 6 (by way of Rhode Island's southern shores) scale, this is closest to the pre-electronica, whimsical pop-era Of Montreal, right down to the tweaked high pitched vocals, but with the advantage of modern technology, resulting in better recording quality than their predecessors. Throughout, there is an emphasis on piano and other key-based instruments dripping delightful melodies all over the pop perfection, with some well placed swear words to snap you out of the giddiness of it all. On top of everything else, you can download this album for free.

Found Music 7/8/11

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The Church, Death, Meat Puppets, Chisel, Archers of Loaf

Bradleys Almanac has The Church 2-18-11
Daytrotter has a session from Death
Acid Punks has Meat Puppets 8-17-86
Blogged and Quartered has early recordings from Chisel
NYC taper has Archers of Loaf 6-25-11
Al Lover - Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock 'n Roll (Reflective Flesh)

If being hip enough to like anything with the word 'remixes' in the title is on your bucket list, here's your chance to cross that off and still maintain your rock cred. Removing most vocals and leaving only heavy riffs and primitive beats, Al Lover has created something very similar to Dub Narcotic Sound System or Jon Spencer's Xtra Acme Remixes or the Experimental Remixes EP. Amazing songs by Moonhearts, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Jeff the Brotherhood, Night Beats and others, 30 minutes in total. This is a completely free download.

Found Music July 1, 2011

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Redd Kross, Dinosaur Jr., No Means No, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, The Lyres

Willfully Obscure has Redd Kross Third Eye demos
Southern Shelter has Dinosaur Jr 6-26-11
Shiny Grey Monotone has No Means No 11-15-00
Proskynesis has Kim Salmon and the Surrealists 2-26-96
Le Garage Abandonne has The Lyres live WERS 1983

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