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Lloyd's Llamas - self titled

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Lloyd's Llamas - self titled debut album is now released.

Not much is known about this Providence band, so go to their website and snoop around. Fans of Ween and the Residents should give this a listen. You can download the track Lion Love here. The cd is available at the label webpage and the digital download is available for download here.

Deadlands - self titled

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Deadlands - self titled

Deadlands' self-titled debut album, Deadlands, is the result of six months of Thursdays and the occasional Friday night. This is very much a rock and roll record. One foot firmly entrenched in murder ballad blues and the other dangling off the top of a burning office building; Deadlands weaves third person tales of deceit, insanity, and betrayal. And guess what? The guy always dies at the end. Always. You can download the track Never There and purchase a copy at the label webpage.
Fucked Up - David Comes To Life (Matador)

This is an epic 18 tracks of hard driving indie rock, full of soothing spacious female vocals colliding with the heavily gruff lead vocals of Pink Eye. Releasing a steady stream of albums, their music is leaving the hardcore punk behind and becoming more intricate. At 76 minutes long, this is the best bargain per minute of music so far this summer. Strange paradox for this band - a band and a front man, both great at what they do, sometimes it's just too bad they're in the same band. Pay attention to everyone's side projects.

Found Music 6/24/11

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Miles Davis, Fergus and Geronimo, Trans Am, GG Allin, Purling Hiss

Clandestine Sound Lab has Miles Davis 10-17-73
Daytrotter has Fergus and Geronimo
Acid Punks has Trans Am 8-3-98
Sluggisha has GG Allin's I am the Highest Power compilation
NYC taper has Purling Hiss 6-11-11

On June 24th & 25th, over 30 bands from Southeastern New England, including 75orLess performers Mark Cutler, The Propellers, Suicide Bill Cole, David Tessier, The Blood Moons, Sweet Love, and The Blood Moons will appear at the New Music Festival. Others appearing are Fall and Bounce, The Throttles, Anne's Cordial, Allysen Callery, The Pomp, Steve Allain, Kim Lamothe, Jenny White, Chris Moon, Tony Jones & the Cretin 3, Fried Miracle, The Benedictions, Kristi Martel, The Headcutters, Lee McAdams & The Cosmic Factory, Emma Joy, Red Eye Flight, Will Houlihan, Matt Fraza and more. Starts 6pm Friday and 11am on Saturday.

Found Music 6/17/11

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The Go-Betweens, Phosphorescent, Acid Mother's Temple, New Radiant Storm King, Dog Faced Hermans

That Striped Sunlight Sound has The Go-Betweens 3-30-86
Southern Shelter has Phosphorescent 5-8-11
The Flat Response has Acid Mother's Temple 4-3-11
Bradleys Almanac has New Radiant Storm King 6-20-08
I Vomit 4 U has Dog Faced Hermans 12-13-86
The 75orLess Music Label Award Winners from the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll June 2011

Category Defying Act Baylies Band
Male Vocalist Tom Chace
Album Coma Coma
Breakthrough Act Broadcaster
Female Vocalist Mandy Allan
Singer Songwriter Suicide Bill
Song Six Star General
Local Act Coma Coma
Punk Garage Act The Jesse Minute

You can purchase all of these band's albums at the label webpage
Last Good Tooth - The Meeting Was A Success (self released)

"Everybody's older/ than my dad's new girlfriend./ She's a doctor / in divorcing." The opening lines on Last Good Tooth's debut EP, The Meeting Was A Success, capture the essence of the record: a cynical but brutally honest take on life. Featuring the sharp lyrics of Penn Sultan and the effective fiddling of Alex Spoto, the album is darkly-tinged folk, opting for cringe over charm - the perfect soundtrack for our increasingly frightening world.

Found Music 6/10/11

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J Mascis, Sebadoh, The Stooges, Yo La Tengo, Bruce Springsteen

Big O has Bruce Springsteen 7-20-75
Daytrotter has a session from J Mascis
Acid Punks has Sebadoh 12-8-96
Shiny Grey Monotone has The Stooges 9-16-73
NYC taper has Yo La Tengo 3-23-11
Baylies Band - All Clowns No Lions (75orLess Records)

75OL-120 Baylies Band' All Clowns No Lions' is now released. It is one 53 minute improv piece of music in the spirit of Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, and Can. Only $6 postpaid.
Paul McCartney - McCartney II deluxe reissue (Hear)

McCartney II, recorded at home in 1980, has been remastered with a second disc of outtakes, and includes amazing gatefold packaging. As for the music, there's the big hit song, "Coming Up" and plenty of synthy weirdness on 'Temporary Secretary'. There's also the electronic instrumental 'Front Parlour' and goofy synth and handclaps on 'Frozen Jap'. This also offers it's fair share of ballads. 'Waterfalls' is a sterile ode to heartbreak, and 'One of These Days' is a sterile ode to all previous sterile odes. This is quirky and experimental, a combination of dramatic depths and light breezy electronic pop, peculiar even by post-Beatle standards. An interesting time capsule into what McCartney was up to at his farm house in 1979.

Found Music 6-3-11

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Drive Like Jehu, Pavement, Ozzy Osbourne, Kurt Vile, The Monkees

Bradley's Almanac has Pavement 9-18-10.
Trashy 69 has Ozzy Osbourne 8-14-81.
Southern Shelter has Kurt Vile 4-8-11.
Captains Dead has Drive Like Jehu demos.
Big Plans For Everybody has The Monkees 10-4-68.

David Tessier - Taurus EP

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David Tessier - Taurus EP (75orLess Records)

For Rhode Island followers of David Tessier's former collaborations and output, Taurus presents the joyously familiar: this EP breathes new life into Pipeline Drive's riff-fest. Catapult reminds us that there was a time in the 80's when it was perfectly acceptable to marry heavy guitars, synths and crooning vocals. It is Release Me that stars, however, and suggests that Radiohead can retire now - Tessier has it covered with a strong dose of 70's pomp and grace to spare. Taurus is a prime medley of Tessier's talents, whetting the appetite for more.

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