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Fishboy, The Jam, Tame Impala, John Vanderslice, American Standard

Daytrotter has a session from John Vanderslice.
Flat Response has Fishboy 8-21-09.
Hiding Behind The Shed has Tame Impala on KEXP 4-22-11.
Blogged and Quartered has American Standard demos 1987-89.
Mondo de Muebles The Jam live 1982.
Hope Anchor - Pile On The Dirt (75orLess Records)

Emerging from a musical heritage steeped in the sounds of The Clash, the Pixies, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, Hope Anchor delivers a potent batch of guitar rock songs populated by swirling soundscapes and infused with the melodic drive of American power pop. 'Pile On The Dirt' has ten tracks and you can pick up a copy at the label webpage postpaid for only $10.00

Found Music 5/20/11

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Oxes, The Clash, Lemonheads, Rollins Band, William Elliott Whitmore

In Mass Mind has Oxes 5-7-11
Wilfully Obscure has Lemonheads 4-5-91
The Subversive sounds has The Clash 8-17-82
Big Box Of Tapes has Rollins Band live 1994-95
Captains Dead has William Elliott Whitmore's Legalize Freedom demos

Found Music 5-13-11

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Mountain Goats, Kyuss, Maserati, Atari Teenage Riot, MC5

Southern Shelter has Maserati 4-29-11.
Daytrotter has a session from Atari Teenage Riot.
Trashy 69 has Kyuss 2-21-95.
NYC Taper has Mountain Goats 3-28-11.
Nuzz Prowlin Wolf has The MC5 11-23-72.

Found Music 5/6/11

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Black Angels, Joy Division, Nirvana, Dick Dale, X Ray Spex

NYC Taper has Black Angels 4-8-11
Big O has Joy Division 8-2-79
Shiny Grey Monotone has Nirvana 12-13-93
Sluggisha has Dick Dale 2-25-96
I Vomit 4 U has X Ray Spex 9-14-91

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