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Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames

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Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames

When he wasn't at his usual gig as the keyboard player for Allston, Mass' Rodeo Church, Jeremy Lee Given recorded his latest album, "Old Flame," now available as a name your own price download from bandcamp. Nine songs that blends the best parts of My Morning Jacket, Varnaline's druggy-era, Neil Young, and Grandaddy, while the track "Rebel Ghost" has a sweet Beach Boys vibe. If that sounds good, fork over some moolah, because bonus tracks are available for a donation of five dollars or more.

Found Music 2-25-11

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The Replacements, Sugar, Nina Nastasia, Analogue, The Jim Jones Revue, The Dead Kennedys

Big O has The Replacements 7-27-87.
Captains Dead has Sugar 11-19-94.
Hiding Behind the Shed has Nina Nastasia radio sessions.
Acid Punks has Analogue 8-23-97.
Nuzz Prowling Wolf has The Jim Jones Revue 1-23-11.
Its Johnny Loves Fuzztone has Dead Kennedys Virgin Demos from 1982.

Walltrax - Vol 1 Retrobot

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75OL-113 Walltrax 'Vol 1 - Retrobot' has been released. Based out of Newport, RI, Dave Wall is the man behind Walltrax and this is a collection of home-recorded songs unused by his bands the diePods and The Masons. For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and Ween. Six tracks, all streaming for free at the bandcamp site, where you can also download the entire thing for $5.00. The cd is $6.00 postpaid, limited to 75 silkscreened copies and available at the label website .

Found Music 2-18-11

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Lightning Bolt, Television, Beach Boys, Tapes and Tapes, XTC

NYC Taper has Lightning Bolt 11-12-10.
Big O has Television 6-23-04 and Beach Boys 12-13-77.
Daytrotter has a session from Tapes n Tapes.
80's Revision has XTC 1-10-79.

Found Music 2-11-11

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Johnny Cash, The Seeds, The Feelies, The Hold Steady, Kurt Vile, Elekibass, Helmet

Johnny Loves Fuzztone has Johnny Cash at the Newport Folk Festival 1963.
Polimorfismo Perverso has The Seeds 'Raw & Alive, Rare Seeds'.
Know your Conjurer has The Feelies live 1988.
NYC Taper has The Hold Steady 1-31-11.
Landromatinee has a live session from Kurt Vile.
The Flat Response has Elekibass 8-13-10.
Shily Grey Monotone has Helmet 8-5-91.
James Ferraro - Night Dolls With Hairspray

Released on Halloween 2010 by Olde English Spelling Bee, James Ferraro's 'Night Dolls With Hairspray' contains charmingly lo-fi new wave, with poorly dubbed third generation Maxell XL II sound quality. weirdness, abrupt tape cuts, merging synths with the sounds of Soft Cell and The Lovedolls. Underneath the layer of anti-Dolby, Ferraro sculpts something prolific out of a bunch of recording no-no's. For a taste, try this audio collage.

Bardo Pond - self titled

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Bardo Pond - self titled (Fire) [upcoming shows] [audio] [video]

Bardo Pond have a new self titled full length out on Fire. The opening track, 'Just Once" starts frail and builds slowly to deliver a four minute, layered, psych-rock guitar freakout. Most of the album is slow and trippy with heavy duty hooks. Many soaring solos countered with fuzzed out bass, acoustic guitars, ambient sounds, and even synths or flute. If this was recorded while sober, I'll not have what they're not having, please.

Found music 2-4-11

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Yo La Tengo, Cars Can be Blue, The Ventures, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Helmet, Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett

NYC Taper has Yo La Tengo 1-7-10.
The Flat Response has Cars Can Be Blue 8-12-10.
Big O has The Ventures 5-29-81.
Music for Maniacs has Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band's instrumental version of "Lick My Decals Off Baby".
Shiny Grey Monotone has Helmet 8-5-91.
Captains Dead has Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett 7-25-99.

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