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Harhay - Swimming Pools and Movie Stars (self released) [audio]

Darting between genres with flawless studio production, touches of slide guitars, jingle bells, and ragtime piano, "Yamahauler" borders on ska, while "Without You" goes full-on reggae. "Death by Lily" features a flowing sax solo that would make Sting proud. The vocals fall between Dave Matthews and the singer of the Counting Crows. "Vendelay" is the lone instrumental with samples from cartoons and documentaries. In the end, this is an east coast performer who has mastered the art of creating pastoral pop with a west coast vibe to it.

Crumwood - Avert Your Eyes

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Crumwood - Avert Your Eyes (self released) [audio]

One man, Syd Heap, is behind the Crumwood moniker and he utilizes a some of Rhode Island's renowned indie performers, including Dave Narcizo of Throwing Muses and members of The Masons as a production team. The title track somehow manages to mesh together Bobby McFarren and the Flaming Lips; at other points The Doobie Brothers jamming with Air. With over 70 minutes of music, there are touches of the acoustic strumming of The Grateful Dead, the grandeur of Yes, the eclecticism of Beck as well as some bits of Wilco and Blind Melon.

Slow Club - Yeah So

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Slow Club - Yeah So (Moshi Moshi) [upcoming shows] [audio]

Slow Club brings forth indie folk with boy-girl vocals and a beat you can dance to. For no added cost you get pretty voices and bonus English accents, and those only sweeten the pot. Their extra added charm comes from a bittersweet mix of upbeat melodies and lyrics of heartache. Yeah So is recommended for anyone who likes the poppier side of a Bright Eyes, the folkier side of a Rilo Kiley, or those crazies that wish Tilly and the Wall would quit all that tappa-tappa-tappa'ing.

Red Pens - Reasons

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Red Pens - Reasons (self released) [upcoming shows]

Red Pens bring 90's guitar rock back with a howling vengeance on their album Reasons. The duo build their tunes up against walls of feedback, via My Bloody Valentine, while bouncing a barrage of guitar squeals off the noise, much like the Daydream Nation Sonic Youth era. The results hark back to the corrosive yet catchy sounds of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Red Pens aren't the most original band in the world but they are certainly one of the loudest.

Adiam Dymott - self titled

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Adiam Dymott - self titled (Razzia) [upcoming shows] [video]

Adiam Dymott is a Swedish twenty-something songstress with something to say. It's absolutely anticipated that Swedish popsters will make delightful, fantastic pop music, so that's what Adiam has done. Her self-titled debut works as both a complete album and a single factory, as songs like "John Denver", "Pizza", and "Miss You" sound like they were made for the radio station you wish existed.

Steel Panther - Feel the Steel

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Steel Panther - Feel the Steel (Universal Republic) [upcoming shows] [audio]

Steel Panther is heavy. Steel Panther is metal. Steel Panther is ridiculous. As a rock parody band there's the obvious comparison to Spinal Tap, however Steel Panther use their obscene lyrics and thick guitar riffs to specifically take on '80s hair metal. Similar to The Lonely Island making a hip-hop parody album that's actually good, Steel Panther actually makes good music... if you're into '80s hair metal. And if you are, you may be looking for some comedy in between seasons of Rock of Love.

Red Mass - S/T EP

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Red Mass - self titled EP (Semprini) [upcoming shows] [audio]

Attention! Roy Vucino, leader of the defunct CPC Gangbangs, has a new project: Red Mass. Vucino recruited over twenty Montreal-based musicians to create these seven tracks for a new self-titled EP. The first three tunes are reminiscent of Fugazi/DC punk, the latter four hit on the psychobilly of the Reverend Horton Heat. Vucino's manic energy and contagious song writing are what separates his musical output from the other mediocre garage rock groups. Red Mass is a modern example of unadulterated and delicious rock n' roll music.

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