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50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Interscope) [audio] [upcoming shows]

50 Cent may well be the gene-spliced combination of 1980s-peak Eddie Murphy and Mike Tyson: prodigiously talented, funny as all hell, and yet another reminder of why you are not as cool as black people. 50's painfully clever lyrics ("They gonna murk 50? How?/We ride around with guns the size of Li'l Bow Wow") and bullet-riddled grin have resulted in the most anticipated - and arguably, just as classic - debut since BIG's Ready To Die. Recognize.

Raveonettes - Whip It On

Raveonettes - Whip It On (Red Int / Red Ink) [audio] [upcoming shows]

In some alternate universe Bizarro-world, The Raveonettes don't exist. In their place, The Jesus and Mary Chain reunite to record an EP of spazzy, heavily-medicated rockabilly covers. Or was it Sonic Youth B-sides? They don't remember either. Unfortunately, the novelty wears off quickly (boding poorly for future full-lengths), but a song like "Attack Of The Ghost Riders") deserves to remain for inter-dimensional vinyl archeologists to discover long after.

Nas - God's Son

Nas - God's Son (Sony) [audio]

After the one-two punch of Jigga's half-stepping Blueprint 2 debacle, along with one of the most amazing comeback singles ever, the re-coronation of Nasir Jones seemed complete. While a handful of God's Son tracks ("Last Real N***a Alive," "Heaven") live up to expectations and then some, the majority of the album - while less disappointing than some of Nas' previous efforts - still chokes. "They shootin'/Aw, made you look" - well put, Escobar.
Mudvayne - The End of All Things To Come (Epic/Sony)

If Slipknot decided to go for a smidgen less bestiality, and embrace their inner Calculus nerd (don't worry, he's still a dark, dark, nerd who HATES THE WORLD BLEEAAAARRGHHH!) they might sound a lot like Mudvayne. Imagine King Crimson (or, less charitably, Genesis) with a jones for math metal and elaborate horror-movie makeup. This stuff is probably a little too tweaked for Ozzfest rugrats, and a little too awful for people who like… um… regular music. Nice time signatures, though.

Black Dice - Beaches and Canyons

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Black Dice - Beaches and Canyons (DFA) [audio] [upcoming shows]

Though solid references back the Black Dice's latest: four RISD graduates turned Brooklynites; on DFA; legendary live shows; experimental and confrontational textures; be warned, Beaches and Canyons is inaccessible No-Wave-meets-New-Age noise collage. 'Sound' triumphs over 'song' in thematically evolving tape loops and dissonant feedback. Contentiously ambient water and whale imitations morph into toxic sewage fires and brutal dolphin massacres. Yes, I 'get it', but abrasive audio exploration does nothing for the mojo.
Neurosis - Official Bootleg 1 - Lyon, France - 11.02.99 (Neurot Recordings)

For a live recording junkie like myself, this record is a godsend. I've always considered Neurosis one of my favorite live bands of all time, and this record hits that point home with a giant hammer. The power and sheer massiveness (is that a word?) of their live sound is barely lost in the translation to mass produced compact disc, the only thing you're missing is the intense visual presentation that they have projected behind (sometimes on) them during their shows. Let's hope that the other records planned for this series are half this good.


Seluah - Self Titled [upcoming shows]

Check it: Sick of his prettyboy posturing, Chris Isaak's band opts to ditch out on him in favor of a brief tour through Hell. When they get there, they decide to rename themselves Seluah, trying to maintain a low profile. After becoming Satan's new favorite band and being granted evil dark powers of destruction, they come back to earth with a new mission: kill Chris Isaak. They then resurrect him, making him sing on a select few new compositions. If any of this sounds good to you, find this record and buy it.
Twenty Years of Dischord (Dischord)

I saw this in the store a couple of months ago and thought "Huh... that's finally out?" I didn't end up picking it up, but I did get it for Christmas, for which I will be eternally thankful. You should pick this sucker up for the book alone. But 50 tracks from 50 bands and a disc full of other rare and unreleased stuff (Fugazi's "The Word"... amazing), this thing is easily worth the measly $25 bucks you'll spend on it. Throw it on and get taken for a sweet ride through the history of one of the most influential punk/indie scenes in the world.

Outhud - Streetdad (Kranky)

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Outhud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D. (Kranky) [mp3s]

After half a decade and a couple of 7"'s, Outhud made the move from Sacramento to join the post punk elite in Brooklyn. As far as rocking dance funk goes this is the shit, combining ESG and Liquid Liquid influences, the instrumentally angular sound takes digitally delayed guitar riffs and mixes it up with low and laid back bass, cello and electro beats. StreedDad is the new master of the white boy funk.
Narrowcasting - Current Or The Tide (Samogon) [mp3s]

Folky, but not folk, rich, but still raw, Current Or The Tide exudes a real "Americana" feel, which is especially odd, considering this album came out of Russia. It's the sound of rainy day windshields and cozy gatherings of friends in half-darkened rooms; it's the sound of what real life feels like. This self-produced effort is proof that you don't need a huge studio, a record contract, a big-name producer, or even indie-cred to make a great record, all you really need is the talent.

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